Best Types of Tactical Boots

Selecting the right tactical boots for your police force or other type of team is essential, as they need to be functional and comfortable enough to be worn every day, for ten or more hours at a time, and while standing. There are numerous brands of duty boots, and everyone seems to have a favourite, but the best types of these police boots always seem to have a few features in common.

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Leather Material

Although you can find canvas tactical boots and the occasional pair made with another material, leather is typically considered the best. It is highly durable, provides protection against the elements, and looks professional. Leather also breathes well, minimizing sweat and discomfort, even in the heat of summer. Most importantly, leather lasts the longest of all boot materials, providing the best value.

Side Zippers

Most duty boots will have laces so you can get a nice, snug fit, but the best ones will also feature a zipper of some sort. This is somewhat a matter of personal preference since some people are concerned that a zipper will slide down and, therefore, don’t want one. If you ask your team, they will likely overwhelmingly agree that they prefer their tactical boots to have a side zipper so they do not have to spend ten minutes getting them on at the beginning of the day and another ten taking them off at the end of the day. Instead of having to loosen all the laces, they can just undo the zipper. This becomes particularly important with taller boots, as the laces can go up far onto the shins, making them time-consuming to tie.


The best tactical boots will also do an exceptional job of keeping your feet safe. Having excellent traction is an absolute must. Police are on their feet in all conditions. It’s imperative to to have good traction in icy weather or on slippery floors. Boots should also be sturdy enough in the toes to prevent injury. If something heavy is accidentally dropped on the foot, you’ll want good protection. Just some of the features you should search for include reinforced toecaps, puncture-proof soles, slip-resistance, and electrical insulation. Some shoes are even designed to resist diseases carried by blood, keeping your team safe in another way.


Finally, the best police boots will be available in a range of sizes. You want your entire team to have the same footwear for uniformity and simplicity. This is only possible if your chosen boot comes in enough different sizes to accommodate everyone on your team. As well, it’s important to keep in mind those who will be hired in the future and will need boots.

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