Care Tips for Your 5.11 Tactical Clothing

Because 5.11 tactical clothing is built to be highly durable, caring for it is relatively simple, and your team won’t need to be any special products in most cases. Just remind them that care of the clothing is important to ensure it lasts as long as possible. With proper care, the clothing will last for years and years.

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Always Follow the Given Instructions

Your rule of thumb should be to always follow the care instructions that you get with your 5.11 tactical clothing. Some will have care instructions on tags, while others will just come with care information. If you ever doubt how to clean something, contact the company you bought it from or the manufacturer. The following care instructions are general guidelines that work for most items, although some may require special care.

Washing the Clothing

In the case of 5.11 tactical pants and other clothing items, cleaning is as simple as using your regular washing machine. Most 5.11 tactical clothing will be fine as long as you wash it inside out and opt for mild detergent. Tumble dry the gear on low. This advice can also work well for some outerwear, such as 5.11 tactical vests. Some clothing will suggest that you do the first wash without detergent with cold water and on permanent press. This will be followed by just 10 to 15 minutes in the dryer on low heat, then air drying.

Caring for Tactical Boots

Caring for boots is slightly more complicated since you cannot just throw them in the washing machine. In the case of suede tactical boots, a rubber eraser can get rid of smudges and dirt. After this, lightly use a soft brush that was designed for suede products. In the case of muddy boots, let the mud dry, as that will make it easier to clean. No matter the dirt you are cleaning off the suede boots, always brush in one direction. Certain suedes will appear two colours if you brush it in multiple directions. You should also avoid using polish or wire brushes with suede boots. Most boots do well with a silicone spray to resist stains and water, which makes caring for them in the future easier.

In the case of non-suede tactical boots, such as those made from leather, use a damp sponge to wipe off loose dirt along the soles and sides of the boots. Remove your shoe inserts and clean them using a small brush. The rest of the boot can be cleaned using some all-purpose leather cleaner applied in circular strokes. Let the boots dry before buffing the leather areas using polish. Regardless of your boot material, consider taking the shoe pads out when wet so they can dry naturally without damaging the rest of the boot.

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