EMS Workers – Everyday Heroes During the Covid-19 Outbreak

EMS workers have always been a crucial part of the community, but their work typically goes unsung. During the COVID-19 outbreak, however, the extent to which they help while proudly displaying their EMT slip ons has become clearer to the community. At Stokes International, we feel that paramedics and EMS workers have shown themselves to be everyday heroes, demonstrating this in multiple ways.

Putting Themselves at Risk

Before COVID-19, those wearing paramedic slip ons put themselves at risk to some extent, but it was to a lesser and less obvious degree than it is today. There is always a risk of a car accident on the way to a call or catching a minor illness. EMS workers have always put the health of others above their own.

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This has become incredibly obvious during the current epidemic when simply leaving their homes increases the risk of catching the coronavirus. The risk is dramatically higher for those who wear EMS slip ons. They are more at risk because interact with sick people, including those with COVID-19 who require urgent care. EMS workers mingle directly with hospital staff and are in hospitals, putting them right in the heart of areas with the highest clusters of cases. This selflessness in putting themselves at risk of COVID-19 cannot go unmentioned.

Bringing Care to People Who Want to Avoid Hospitals

Given the higher risk of catching COVID-19 in a hospital, many people find themselves hesitant to visit hospitals during the pandemic, even when it is justified. In these cases, EMS workers step in and come to the location of the emergency. While they have always performed this role, it is more appreciated during these times. In many cases, they are able to provide enough care to prevent the need to visit a hospital. This care reassures patients and alleviatestheir fears of a risk of contagion.

Working Long Hours

EMS workers are used to working long hours with schedules that would make other people tired just thinking about them. During the COVID-19 outbreak, their working time has increased further, and many paramedics are putting in even longer hours than normal.

As their coworkers get sick, those who remain step up and cover those missing their shifts. As the demand for emergency services increases, they tirelessly put the community first. The work hours increase to ensure that enough paramedics are available to attend to all of the emergency calls.

Sacrificing Family Time for the Community

EMS workers putting their health at risk and working long hours. They are also sacrificing their time with family and friends. There is the direct sacrifice of family time in those extra hours that those with EMT slip ons work to help the community.

Many EMS workers are further sacrificing family time voluntarily by separating themselves from their loved ones due to the risk. Since they are exposed to more potential COVID-19 cases, they do not want to potentially spread the virus to their loved ones. For many workers, this has meant staying in separate rooms from their family, or even separate buildings.

Honouring EMS Workers

They are making great sacrifices and efforts to keep us safe during these challenging times. We must all remember to continue showing our support for EMS workers, without accidentally interrupting their jobs. Most workers wear EMS slip ons or other obvious identification, letting us know that they are doing important work.

EMS workers are always an important and valued part of the community, and their current efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak only emphasize this role. Thank you to all the EMS workers for all that you do in these trying times and on an everyday basis.