Enjoy Convenience Via Uniform Packages

Having a uniform package is important for any EMS, fire, police, or other teams. A uniform helps provide a feeling of being on a team and makes it easier for civilians you interact with to identify who is part of your department.

Uniform Packages by Stokes International

Instead of purchasing individual items separately, your department should consider EMS uniform packages. These packages include all of the main components of the uniform that your team needs to use on a daily basis. It will simply make life easier.

What the Packages Include

Regardless of the uniform package from Stokes International you select, you can expect to have multiple items, all at a competitive price. The EMS uniform package includes a jacket, a shirt, pants, and boots. There are also men’s uniform packages and women’s uniform packages, each with shirts and pants. These packages also have clip-on ties, belts, belt buckles with CAFC emblem, Canada Flag firefighter slip-ons, and tie bars.

No Need to Create Your Own Uniform From Individual Pieces

The biggest way these EMS uniform packages offer convenience for your department is that it will save you time. Instead of having to browse through various pants, shirts, jackets, and other uniform options to find ones that work together, the packages already have these separate pieces. The packages were created with professionalism and compatibility in mind, so you know that all of the various pieces will work well with each other.

This not only saves you time when it comes time to find the various pieces of a uniform for your team, but it also streamlines the ordering process. Instead of having to order three or four different items, you can just order a single one. The time-savings will continue in the future when your team expands, as you just need to order a new women’s uniform package or a men’s uniform package.

The packages also include the various components that you may not have thought of initially, from tie bars to CAFC emblem belt buckles. This way, you do not order all of the uniforms only to realize you forgot something important.

Customization Available

For added convenience, the uniform packages are not all one-size-fits-all. They feature various customization options, such as your choice of gold or silver metal accents and your choice of colour. This way, you can customize the men’s uniform package for your team and your specific needs.

Offers Financial Savings

In addition to saving your department valuable time, opting for an EMS uniform package will also provide some financial savings. Purchasing all of the items together in a package ends up costing slightly less than buying them individually. These savings can add up over time, especially if you have a large department.

Packages for All Body Types

Choosing to use uniform packages should not come with any concerns. You don’t have to worry about whether your entire team will be able to utilize the uniform. Each element of the uniforms, including the pants and shirts in the men’s and women’s uniform packages and the pants, boots, jackets, and shirts in the EMS uniform package, can be sized as you need it. Every member of your department can wear the same uniform, no matter how larger or small they are.

Additionally, the option for separate men’s and women’s uniform packages means that everyone on your team can have a uniform that is tailored to their gender. This helps ensure a better fit and a professional appearance.

Stokes Offers Uniform Packages

For the convenience of a men’s, women’s, or EMS uniform package, shop at Stokes International. We we pride ourselves on providing high-quality gear for firefighters, EMS, and other teams.