Features to Look for When Choosing Badges for Your Department

There are plenty of emergency service badges available for your department, but not all of them will work well for your needs. You want to think carefully about the badge features before you order them. If you later decide they are not right or missing something you need, you will have made an expensive mistake.

Fire Department Service Badge

Badge Features:


Start by considering whether it matters what colours your custom firefighter badges have. Most badges will be mostly silver or gold, potentially with writing or designs in another colour. Typically, these accent colours will be a shade associated with your department type, such as red for firefighters or blue for EMS.

Most departments will be happy with this standard. However, you may still want to consider colour to decide which style is best for your department.


You will also have to decide whether or not you want writing on the badges. Some badge features are the option to engrave them, but that increases the price and processing time slightly. You can also find badges featuring terms that are perfect for firefighting or emergency service badges. These include “Emergency Medical Services” or “Fire Department – Service D’Incendie.”

If the badge does not have imagery that the community members you assist will instantly recognize, then having writing on the badge can be a smart decision. Even if there is a recognizable symbol, the writing can be useful to confirm your department and offer community members another way to identify the responding team.


Symbols are an important part of the police cap badges you choose, as you want community members to easily identify your department and, therefore, know how your team is there to help.

For example, an emergency service badge may have the six-edged asterisk with a snake on a pole in the vertical portion. This symbol is classically associated with medicine, specifically emergency medicine. Custom firefighter badges could show images of items firefighters use, such as a helmet, ax, or trumpet.

You should also consider whether you prefer your badges to include any symbols for your country, such as a maple leaf to represent Canada. A maple leaf is a great alternative to the Canadian flag, which some departments prefer not to overuse.

Rank Distinction

As you consider potential police cap badges, don’t forget to consider whether they can accommodate rank distinctions. While not essential, most departments prefer to display rank on their badges as yet another reminder of the distinction. This makes it easier for people on your team and those in the community to identify the leader easily.

There are various ways that badges can let you incorporate rank. Some may offer different colours, such as silver for firefighters and gold for officers. Others may offer a different number of repeating symbols, such as one trumpet compared to two, three, four, or five trumpets. Either of these would provide a visual representation of rink distinctions.

Attachment Style

One of the most important considerations is how the badge attaches to your team’s uniform, as there tend to be preferred attachment methods or backings depending on how you will use the badge. For example, badges for wallets typically have Velcro backings. Those for jackets will usually have straight pins with clasps, while those for caps typically have screw posts.

Shipping Time

ou will also want to consider how long it takes to receive your badges. Badges with less customization tend to take less time as no engraving is required. The best companies, like Stokes International, will even have a set of badges that are typically on hand and ready to ship for those times that you need to order more quickly.