Firefighter Plaques To Honour Our Frontline Workers During COVID-19

In the current COVID-19 crisis, it has become abundantly clear just how much we as a society depend on our frontline workers. While healthcare workers and EMS teams have come to the forefront, this time also underscores the importance of honouring our firefighters with firefighter plaques, and others in similar roles.

They Willingly Increase Their Risk and Sacrifices

Firefighters already put their lives on the line to serve their community in the best of times. They work day and night, protecting those in their community and putting their lives at risk. Even in normal times, firefighters also have to deal with odd schedules that make it hard to spend time with friends and families, leading to sacrifices in their daily lives.

All of these sacrifices are further increased during the pandemic. In addition to the risks of fighting a fire, firefighters must deal with the risk of contracting COVID-19 while on duty. This would put their lives at risk. But even if they are one of the lucky ones who overcome COVID-19, they would have long-term problems that could potentially affect their ability to serve as firefighters in the future. As such, firefighters are not just risking their lives but also their livelihood.

In addition to the health-related risks and sacrifices of firefighters and other frontline workers during COVID-19, they sacrifice even more than usual. Their interactions with the public increase their risk of contracting COVID-19, which makes many firefighters and frontline workers hesitant to interact with their families, especially those who are high-risk.

Some have chosen to sacrifice their family time so they can serve their community without risking their families. This comes in the form of not interacting with their spouses, children, grandchildren, or parents for months.

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How to Honour Them

Frontline workers always deserve honour, but this is especially true in the current situation, as their risks and sacrifices have increased dramatically.

Some of this is simple. We need to honour them with our thanks and appreciation. Listening to their suggestions also goes a long way, as it reduces the challenges and pressure they face.

They also deserve physical recognition, such as firefighter plaques or firefighter awards. Those who continue to put themselves at risk despite the challenging circumstances are doing something that most people would not be willing to do.

Custom awards for firefighters are another way to honour these frontline workers. They can be used to honor those who have made so many sacrifices to keep the community safe. Plaques can honour both those who have died in the line of duty or from COVID-19, contracted from serving the community, and those still alive and fighting.

Showing Appreciation Boosts Morale

It’s important to show our appreciation and honour for frontline workers with firefighter awards and similar honours. This can hopefully boost their morale and provide them with the motivation needed to continue.

By opting for physical reminders of our appreciation, such as firefighter plaques, this can go further. Merely saying thanks only lasts for a moment, but a plaque provides a physical reminder of our appreciation. Whenever a firefighter or other team member begins to feel overwhelmed or low, the plaque can serve as a reminder. The plaque can remind them why they do their job, but also the appreciation that the community feels for them.

At Stokes International, we offer a range of ways to honour our frontline workers during this COVID-19 crisis. We have custom awards for firefighters via plaques or acrylic awards, axes, statues, honour guards, watches, trumpets and more.