How to Prevent Wildfires

The spotlight is once again on the brave firefighters. In particular, especially those firefighters on the western coast of the United States and Canada, where wildfires have been raging. This makes it the perfect time for a refresher on how to prevent wildfires. We’ll also show you how to show your appreciation for the brave people who keep us safe from fires, such as via firefighter awards and plaques.

Firefighters Do an Amazing Job, But Prevention Is Better

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There is no doubt that firefighters work hard and do their absolute best to control even the most out-of-control fires. For example, the firefighters in Alberta and California recently showed their dedication, bravery, and skill by working to keep the wildfires in those areas under control as much as possible.

While the firefighters are doing an amazing job worthy of firefighter plaques, it is best if we all work together to prevent those situations from ever arising in the first place. Between the efforts of firefighting teams to prevent disasters and individuals showing their support via firefighter decals or sharing knowledge, we can work to prevent wildfires and the destruction and danger they pose.

Encourage Citizens to Be Responsible

One of the most important parts of preventing wildfires is to remind citizens to be responsible. It’s also important to educate them on what that responsibility means. Encourage citizens to show off firefighter decals and support the department in other ways. This can help raise awareness.

Firefighters and related departments should also work to educate the community on ways to prevent wildfires. Firefighters can also teach the community how to minimize their impact if they do occur. These steps include encouraging care around fires and never playing with fire, especially during dry conditions. Also, people should always ensure a campfire is out before leaving a campsite.

Stress the importance of care during dry weather. When it’s dry weather, a small fire can spread quickly, especially given the (in)correct weather conditions. When the grass and trees are dry, people should avoid using fireworks, burning yard waste, and flicking cigarette butts. Instead, offer them alternatives to some of these common causes of wildfires.

In areas prone to wildfires, the community should take measures to prevent the spread of wildfires that have already started. These include actions such as planting fire-resistant plants, separating shrubs and trees on their own property, and mowing grass, so it’s never taller than four inches. Property owners should also remove dry and dead plants from their homes regularly.

Do not forget to educate the community on what to do if they spot a fire. This is especially true if it’s a wildfire, or one in an area that could lead to a wildfire.

Have Quick Reactions

One of the many reasons that those who fight fires are worthy of firefighter plaques is their quick reaction times. Wildfires spread quickly, especially in dry weather. Because of this, firefighters must be even faster. This is a case where training and practice make perfect.

Ensure that your department always has all of its equipment in working order and that everyone understands what to do when an emergency arises. This way, the entire on-duty team will be able to roll out of the fire station in minutes and head to the wildfire to start controlling it right away.

Consider Honouring the Firefighters As Well

After the hard work of firefighters to prevent and control wildfires, be sure to show your appreciation for the department and its team members. Consider firefighter awards or firefighter plaques to honor the life-saving efforts of the team. You can even engrave the plaques and awards to indicate the specific event or events that you are praising the team for. This is a great way to show your appreciation. At the same time, if the fire department chooses to display the awards, it can help remind the community of the commitment and bravery the firefighters showed.