Reasons to Use Uniform Accessories on Your Cap

As you work to decide the appearance of your department’s uniforms, be sure to consider uniform cap accessories. These accessories can serve a range of purposes. Accessories are also a popular addition among uniforms for all types of forces, from police to firefighters. Explore some of the more popular reasons to include your caps when selecting your police uniform accessories.

Police Uniform Accessories | Stokes International

Indicate Team or Department

The appropriate uniform cap accessories can be the perfect way to let others around you know what department or force you work with. A police cap button, for example, can have either the CAFC symbol or be a general police button. These will let others know at a glance what your team’s role is. It can also help distinguish who is a member of which force if various teams have similar uniforms.

Display Rank

A very common use of uniform cap accessories is to distinguish the rank of the wearer. Most accessories, from buttons to straps, are available in a range of colours or at least gold and silver. This way, you can reserve the gold versions for officers to distinguish rank. You can also take it a step further and select cap straps with a colourful stripe for your team. Thanks to the numerous colour combinations, even more divisions among ranks are possible. On a similar note, you could use the cap accessories to commemorate other achievements, such as particularly heroic actions.

For Mourning

In the case of a memorial event for a fallen team member, a uniform accessory can be the ideal method of showing solidarity and honoring the memory of the fallen. A mourning cap strap still appears professional and allows your team to dress and function normally while still showing that the fallen comrade is in their thoughts.

Break Up An Otherwise Dull Uniform

Of course, some departments simply feel that using accessories on their uniform caps is a nice way to break up an otherwise dull uniform. Without the accessories, the uniform may appear too somber, making your team seem unapproachable, which is the last thing you want when your job is to assist and protect the community. A uniform cap button or another accessory can also help distinguish your uniform from other similar outfits used by companies or individuals that are in no way related to your force.

With the vast array of police uniform accessories for caps available, it is simple to find one to meet any of these purposes, or a different purpose entirely.