Slip-ons for Movember

Your team puts your life on the line to support your local community every day. Whether you are police, EMS, firefighters, military, or another department, you already give a lot to the community. Participating in Movember is a great way to help the community even more without spending additional time.

What Is Movember?

Movember is a charity dedicated to men’s health, with its main month of the year being November and the “M” in the name coming from the moustache image that is its logo. Throughout the year, Movember works to change perceptions about men’s health, as well as fund research into men’s health topics. The core points are mental health, suicide prevention, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer.

Moustache Uniform Slip-Ons For Movember | Stokes International

How Moustache Slip-ons Make a Difference

Opting to have your department wear moustache slip-ons instead of their standard firefighter or EMS slip-ons during November is a great way to raise awareness of Movember. These slip-ons simply feature a moustache and do not have any writing, so you do not have to worry about them being distracting.

Even so, they help start the conversation and spread awareness about Movember and men’s health. After all, your department does not typically have moustaches on your uniform, so this type of change will likely be noticed.

An Alternative to Other Methods of Supporting the Cause

Another way to support Movember is by donating or growing a moustache. These are not always practical for your department, as your funds are mostly earmarked for serving your community. Additionally, some service branches have regulations against growing moustaches, and not everyone on your team can grow one anyway.

By providing your department with moustache slip-ons, you give them a feasible alternative to help spread awareness and contribute. They do not have to waste time growing and grooming a moustache or donate any of the personal funds to Movember unless they want to.

They Appear Professional

Even though the moustache slip-ons are clearly different from your department’s standard EMS slip-ons, they are designed to not be distracting and still maintain your team’s professional appearance that comes from your uniforms.

Like other firefighter slip-ons, the moustache ones have clean lines and colours that work well with most uniforms. They have a light blue background with the moustaches in black.

They Have Features of Standard Slip-ons

You do not even have to worry about the moustache slip-ons losing some of the functionality or features of the typical slip-ons your team uses. They bear the Canadian flag, just like many of the EMS slip-ons do. The inclusion of the flag makes the slip-ons appear more official and reminds the community of the role your department plays.

The moustache slip-ons also give you the ability to display rank, just like our standard slip-ons. Instead of a varying number of bars or maple leaves to show rank, these have a different number of moustaches. You can choose versions with anywhere between one and five moustaches. That way, you are able to easily support Movember without worrying about those outside your department or newcomers knowing the rank of each member and addressing them properly.

You Can Use Them Year After Year

Movember has already been going on for several years, and you can expect it to continue for years to come. This gives you the opportunity to use your moustache slip-ons this November as well as next November and the one after that.

Our slip-ons at Stokes International are sturdy and durable enough to last. We didn’t skimp on quality just because you are likely to use them for one month of the year instead of 12. We stuck to our typical high standards.