Ways to Use Custom Award Coins

When you look at the various firefighter coins and custom award coins available, you should notice that these coins are versatile, working well in a range of situations. The custom firefighter challenge coin has been a tradition for at least decades, inspiring camaraderie, but you can find even more creative ways to use these coins, particularly when they can be customized or engraved.

Traditional Challenge Coins

The most obvious way to use the custom firefighter challenge coin is in the traditional sense; as a way to honour the firefighters who serve. Traditionally, every firefighter has a challenge coin, and they show the links between various members of the team. Challenge coins actually go back to the military, and there are records of them being used in Ancient Rome. The tradition states that members of the given department should always have their challenge coins with them. Then, when they are drinking, if someone doesn’t have their coin on hand, they have to pick up the tab. Of course, you can simply use the custom firefighter challenge coin to ensure that everyone feels as if they are part of the team, encouraging teamwork and bonding.

Give to New Firefighters

Ideally, you will give fire department coins to every new member that is added to your team. This lets them feel as if they are part of the community right from the start and gives them a connection to their fellow firefighters. Of course, you could vary the type of firefighter coins you give the new firefighters based on their rank, or award them a new one when they reach a certain rank.

Award to Retiring Firefighters

Firefighter coins are also an excellent way of honouring those who are retiring. This is particularly true of the engraved options, as there is more than enough room to put their name and their years of service.

To Honor Firefighters in Special Situations

Following a particularly challenging or heroic effort, consider fire department coins as a way to thank the firefighters involved for their dedication and bravery in those moments. This is an excellent way to show your appreciation.

As Rewards for Community or Outreach Events

Because firefighter coins are so affordable, you can even choose to use some for rewards during outreach or community events. Perhaps your department is having a race to raise money for a cause; in addition to a traditional racing medal, give the winner a custom firefighter challenge coin. You just don’t want to give out too many of the coins, as this decreases their perceived value; only use them to reward the community on special occasions.