What to Look for in a Police Equipment Supplier

Selecting the right police equipment for your team is an important decision. You want to ensure that your uniforms and police tactical gear Canada have a professional appearance. You want quality items that will last and convey your team’s status as professional service members. Of course, you also want things like great customer service and reasonable prices, just like you would for any other purchase you make. When searching for a supplier of 5.11 Hi-Vis clothing or other police equipment, look out for the following factors.

Police Equipment | Stokes International


More companies are popping up offering police equipment, but you will always be better off choosing one with experience. Younger companies have not had time to build up a reputation or weed through manufacturing methods and materials to find those that work best. Established companies have already built long-standing reputations with other teams and know exactly what you will want as a client. Stokes International, for example, is an industry-leader with 70 years of experience.


Reputation goes hand in hand with experience. You do not want to hire a longstanding police equipment supplier with a poor reputation. This is when you look at details such as customer satisfaction ratings and complaints. Try to select a company with minimal complaints and who resolves issues promptly and to the satisfaction of the client.

Pricing and Quality

Pricing should always be a concern when shopping for police tactical gear Canada since you want to stick to your budget. At the same time, you should never blindly choose the cheapest uniform supplier since they may offer low-quality products. Those items will not last long, leading to long-term costs from replacements. Lower-quality products can also reduce the authority of your team by detracting from their professional appearance. Instead of focusing entirely on price, balance it out with quality. It will typically be worth paying a bit more if it means buying from a reputable company with gear that lasts.


Finally, pay attention to the selection of police tactical gear Canada that your chosen supplier offers. The best will offer everything you need so you do not have to waste time researching multiple suppliers. Stokes International, for example, has police equipment ranging from uniforms to outerwear to awards to badges and more. There is no need to screen multiple suppliers and you can order everything together to streamline your accountant’s work as well.

Stokes International checks all the boxes for 5.11 Hi-Vis clothing and other police equipment, with about 70 years of experience, a great reputation, affordable pricing, high-quality products, and an expansive selection.