What to Look for in Fire Resistant Clothing

As you search for firefighter clothing for your team, you should ensure to explore the fire resistant clothing options. There are numerous choices available, so you will need to think carefully about which items will best suit your department and complement the existing items of your uniform.

Workrite Fire Service Fire Resistant Clothing | Stokes International

Safety Ratings For Fire Resistant Clothing

One of the important things to consider is the safety ratings of the clothing. After all, not all FR clothing offers the same level of protection, and you want to ensure that you meet your team’s minimum needs. When it comes to safety ratings, it is best to have too much instead of too little, as you want to keep your team protected.

For example, the coveralls from Stokes International are CSA Z96-09 Class 1 Level FR Compliant and have a protection rating of ATPV 5.6, CAT 1. They are FR up to 360 degrees.

Comfort Level and Mobility

You should also think about how comfortable the FR clothing is. After all, your team needs to be able to move around in it. This is not possible with items that are too tight or poorly designed. While the only way to guarantee comfort and mobility is to actually try out the fire resistant clothing, you can get an idea from its materials and pictures.

Ability to Fit Your Entire Department

As a department, you want all of your firefighters to wear the same clothing. This promotes uniformity and cohesion, makes your team readily identifiable to the public. It also saves you time as there is no need for everyone to find separate items that meet requirements.

The FR clothing available from Stokes comes in a range of sizes. This should make it possible for the smallest and largest members of your team to wear the same items. We also carry versions of some items with women’s cut, giving your female firefighters the option of whichever cut feels more comfortable and lets them perform their duties better.

Extra Storage

Although not necessary, it is also wise to consider whether your fire resistant clothing offers any additional storage in the form of pockets. Having numerous pockets, including those with closures, allows your team to keep the most important items on hand.

At Stokes, we understand the importance of this, which is why most of our FR clothing has numerous pockets. Our coveralls have a one-piece rule pocket, two-patch hip pockets featuring concealed snap closures, a sleeve pocket on the bicep that includes a pencil stall, and two top-stitched patch chest pockets featuring concealed snap closures and flaps. Even the NOMEX FR shirts have pencil slots and hook-and-loop pocket closures. If your team needs even more pockets, our Rescue Pants NOMEX are ideal for having numerous pockets.

From a Reputable Brand

As with any uniform purchase, you want to buy your FR clothing from a reputable brand. This will provide reassurance that it meets the advertised safety ratings and is durable. That durability is particularly important, as you do not want any of the clothing to fall apart when your team is fighting fires, something that would put them at serious risk.

Stokes International is a great option for those in search of a reputable brand. We have more than 70 years of experienceproviding 5.11 clothing and uniforms to firefighters, EMS, police, and military. Our founder understood the importance of high-quality clothing as he served in the military, and that tradition has continued.

No matter the type of FR clothing you need, whether shirts, pants, or coveralls, Stokes International has the high-quality pieces you need in a range of sizes to fit your entire team.

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