What to Look for in the Best Tactical Boots

Every department has slightly different needs when it comes to Toronto tactical boots, but most will share many of the same requirements. If it is time for your military, fire, EMS, or police department to choose which boots to include in your uniform, keep these considerations for 5.11 boots Canada departments should remember.

Best Tactical Boots Toronto | Stokes International

Ability to Withstand Various Conditions

The best tactical boots should be able to withstand a range of conditions like the Original SWAT boots can. This ability will come from features such as waterproofing, warmth, and slip resistance. With slip resistance in place, your boots can handle even icy Canadian conditions.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

You do not want your team to waste valuable time putting their boots on and taking them back off at the end of the shift. As such, you should consider something such as Original SWAT boots with side zippers, which are adjustable via laces but come on and off via a YKK quality zipper. The zipper stays in place thanks to the hook and loop closure, so the boots will not randomly fall open.

On a related note, select boots that are easy for your team to maintain, so they always look their best. Certain collars allow for easier cleaning, while gusseted tongues can prevent debris and dirt from entering the boot.

Quality of Construction

The quality of construction is another significant consideration as tactical boots Toronto can require an up-front investment. Look for features such as quality construction and rustproof hardware. Stitching in the toe and heel will also increase the durability of the boots.

Safety Features

The best tactical boots will help your team stay safe at all times. Slip resistance plays into this as it allows your team to walk steadily on all surfaces. Original SWAT boots, for example, exceed the standard ASTM F489-96 slip resistance test.

You can also opt for boots that are shock-proof to minimize the risk of electric shocks, with some handling impacts up to 200 Joules and reaching the CSA Omega rating standard. Some are also resistant to blood-borne pathogens. This is particularly useful for those who are first to arrive on the scene of an accident or crime.

Consider boots that have some sort of anti-penetration protection, such as the L-Protection on SWAT Classic boots.

Support and Comfort

Comfort and support are particularly important. When choosing Canada 5.11 boots for your department, comfort is key, as most teams work very long hours. Features like a custom-molded thermoplastic heel counter or a toe box can help with lateral support and comfort. You can also find torsional rigidity and lateral support from Texon stability platforms.

Look for moisture-wicking linings that will help keep the interior of the boots dry, even if your team sweats. You should also look for a tongue and collar that are breathable and provide protection, such as those with foam padding. Bonus features such as custom-molded phylon EVA midsoles and custom-fit removable EVA insoles add even more comfort. Some shoes will also feature steel shanks or non-metal shanks to allow for additional support. If your team will frequently need to pass through metal detectors, opt for non-metal supports.

Range of Sizes

Because uniformity is key for your team, you should also ensure that your chosen set of tactical boots are available in a range of sizes. When a wider range of sizes is available, you increase the chances of everyone on your team being able to wear the same boots. This is important even if your current team has average-sized feet since you want to be able to accommodate future team members, as well.