Why Are High-Visibility Crests Important?

With the number of safety officials and law enforcement officers being endangered, or worse, killed, it’s important that their uniforms are clearly labeled. It needs to be easy to read information, which is clear and bold. This is where high-visibility crests become an integral part of your uniform design. When you are looking for the right police hi-vis crests to add to your uniforms, remember how important it is that your team is noticed when on the field.

EMS High Visibility Crests & Police Hi-Vis Crests | Stokes International

Using high-visibility crests for paramedics and EMS staff helps everyone. It makes it easier to recognize the team and stay out of their way at the emergency site. EMS hi-vis crests make it easier to establish a perimeter because the crowd will notice uniformed aid workers and respect their authority. It also makes it safer for your team because they are easily identified.

Aging People in the Community

It’s a well-known fact that as people age, so does their eyesight. This means you have drivers who may struggle to see you on the road, let alone see your position. With high-visibility crests for police officers, you can integrate bright colours or reflecting colors. These colours on police hi-vis crests will help safety personnel stand out in all situations.


Certain environmental factors make it more difficult to see safety personnel, especially when traffic is concerned. Having quality high-visibility crests is important to help people notice safety teams and steer clear of them. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or too foggy out, a well-made crest with bright lettering will help people notice those on site to help them.


Working an accident in a high traffic area can make things even more dangerous for your team. Making sure that your EMS staff and police officers are wearing bright, hi-vis crests will help ensure their safety. Bold reflective lettering that draws the eye will stand out amongst the pedestrians and lanes of traffic. With this kind of visibility, drivers will take extra caution to maintain safety.


Everyone knows it can be more difficult to see when it’s dark out. This creates more danger for EMS personnel as well as police officers and other safety officials who are on the scene of an accident. With police hi-vis crests, it is much easier to see the emergency staff assisting those injured. It also means drivers of oncoming vehicles will see the reflective lettering and can slow down or stop.

One of the biggest factors to consider when outfitting your team is safety. This means careful selection of lettering that is easily noticeable is critical. Bearing this in mind, it makes sense to use high-visibility crests in all your uniforms.

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