Finding Firefighter, Police, EMS, and Other Decals

Decals for EMS, Police & Firefighters | Stokes International

There are many places to get a decal these days, especially with online shopping, giving the customer the world in which to shop from home. There are many pre-printed designs, and you might find one that suits your needs, but when you need a custom designed decal, not all decal printers are alike. It is important to choose a reputable company who will deliver what they promise, to create a design that is what you want, to print it on quality material, and to deliver it on time and in good condition.

Stokes Delivers Quality Products

This is where Stokes International comes into play. We have the capability and the integrity to deliver a quality product for a fair price in a reasonable length of time. We offer a decal printed on durable vinyl that will hold up under most weather conditions. Our graphics technicians will gladly work with you to create just the perfect decal for your needs. We specialize in EMS decals, firefighter decals, and police decals. We also do other custom work.

Why Clear Designs Matter

A high-quality, clear, crisp design is important for clear, immediate identification for public emergency workers. As an emergency professional, you want people to be able to instantly identify you as a helper. In addition, the public needs to be able to identify the emergency personnel as authentic, official, and qualified. Displaying an identifying logo on a decal placed on the side of the vehicle, helmet, toolbox, first aid kit, or motorcycle is an efficient, cost-effective, and readily visible means of identifying yourself as a professional. At the same time, it makes it significantly harder for others to impersonate your team.

Traits to Look for in Quality Decals

A good decal will be weather and fade resistant. It will also stick tightly enough to the surface on which it is placed to prevent the material from loosening and the edges from curling. A decal can be placed on a magnetic backing to make removal easy. A durable vinyl material will retain its brilliance for many years. A good decal will also be easy to remove and leave behind no residue that might spoil the paint or other surface to which it has been affixed.

Opt for Personalization

EMS decals, firefighter decals, and police decals can all be personalized with your city, province, precinct or division number, station number, or any other identifying information that is required. Our graphics techs can help you design a suitable decal for all your needs. We take pride in a job well done and promise to do our best to fill your decal needs.