Get to Know the Uniform Pants from Stokes International
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Uniform Pants

Stokes International has been supplying the public safety workforce since 1949 with the highest-quality uniforms and uniform accessories. Our pants are designed for comfort, convenience, and durability, as well as professional appearance. They are suitable as police uniform pants, EMS uniform pants, and firefighter uniform pants. If you are in need of the best uniform pants at a reasonable price, you came to the right place. If you make a high-volume order online, we’ll be happy to offer you a discounted price.

Sturdy Material and High-Quality Construction

All of Stokes’ firefighter uniform pants, EMS uniform pants, and police uniform pants are made from a sturdy, quality twill fabric that is 65 percent premium polyester and 35 percent cotton. All, except for the Hi Vis pants that are adorned with reflective tapes, are machine-washable and will hold up to repeated washings, even in industrial machines. The pants are reinforced at stress points, have rubberized waistbands for optimum stay-put comfort, and hook-and-eye closures, with some also featuring zippers. Depending on the style you choose, you can expect to find reinforced knees, an expandable back waistband, either button-flap or Velcro-flap back pockets, and a Teflon coating that repels liquids, soil, and stains. The cargo pants also have a cargo pocket on each outside leg seam that closes with a Velcro-secured flap. Front slant pockets complete the pants. Belt loops are sturdy enough to carry keys or other small items attached to a carabiner clip.

A Range of Sizes for the Full Force

Many of the pants styles are suitable for both men and women, but certain styles come specifically in men’s and women’s sizes. Women’s sizes range from 2XS to 5XL. Men’s waist sizes range from 28 inches to 48 inches. Unisex pants are sized from 2XS/26 inches to 9XL/52 inches. Pants come unhemmed so each pair can be hemmed to matchthe wearer’s leg length.

Hi Vis Options Available as Well

Because highway and disaster aid safety is so vitally important, we offer Hi Vis firefighter uniform pants, EMS uniform pants, and police uniform pants that feature a reflective strip down the outer leg seam on each pant leg. Choose from either 0.5-inch or 1-inch-wide strips. Alternatively, you can opt for the pants having a reflective tape positioned as a 2-inch-wide horizontal strip at or just below the knee and another 2-inch-wide vertical strip on the cargo pocket. This strip may be hidden inside the cargo pocket if so desired. These pants are particularly desirable after dark and in poor visibility conditions caused by fog, rain, and snow.

When you choose Stokes International’s police uniform pants, firefighter uniform pants, or EMS uniform pants, you can depend on getting excellent customer service, a quality product at a reasonable price, and pants that you will be proud to be seen in.