Show Support for Movember on Your Force

There is no wrong time of the year to get your force involved in Movember and show support for men’s health. During the month of November, men around the world grow out their mustaches to show support for the only charity that works to tackle men’s health globally all throughout the year. Your uniform requirements may or may not allow for this, but you can encourage your team to show their support for Movember year-round with insignia such as moustache slip-ons.

Maintain a Clean Appearance While Showing Support

With the moustache slip-ons, your team is able to show support for Movember and men’s health without sacrificing their uniform, professional appearance. Groomed facial hair tends to be an important part of a force’s uniformity, and even if there are exceptions during November for Movember, simply having a moustache the rest of the year is not necessarily linked with the cause. Insignia, like the moustache slip-on, allow you to support the cause without sacrificing the clean appearance of your team, which is part of what contributes to your strong reputation.

The Slip-Ons

Movember Slip-Ons | Stokes

The moustache slip-ons from Stokes International include an embroidered moustache as well as a Canadian flag. Both are on light blue cloth and take advantage of Stokes International’s experience in creating epaulettes. This means that the moustache insignia are of the highest quality and will last while looking professional. You can purchase the moustache slip-ons in a set of between one and five slip-ons, with the set always coming on light blue cloth and including a Canadian flag.

What You Are Supporting

By showing support for Movember with moustache slip-ons, you support the charity’s causes. These include preventing suicide in men, helping men take action to expand their longevity, and improving their quality of life, including in relation to testicular and prostate cancer. The charity also teams up with great minds, such as top researchers.

Other Causes

Cancer | Stokes International

There are also insignia from Stokes International that can let you show support for other causes. For example, there is a pink ribbon pin for supporting cancer research. This pin is a great fundraiser or a simple way for your team to show the importance of cancer research. There are also pink ribbon slip-ons with one bar, also showing support for breast cancer research. No matter the epaulette you select from Stokes International, it will be a high-quality item with attention to detail.