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Stokes Awards

At Stokes International, we have provided police and firefighters with uniforms and paraphernalia since 1949; we are proud to offer a range of awards as well. We want to make it easy for you to find police recognition awards or firefighter awards and plaques, allowing you to show thanks to the hardworking members of your team that keep your community safe.

We Offer A Range of Options And Materials For Awards

To meet the needs of every department, we offer a wide range of award types, including acrylic awards and plaques and options outside the idea of a “traditional” award. Our acrylic awards can be in circles, blocks, pyramids, icebergs, red flames, or even shaped like a fire helmet. In this way, you can choose the firefighter awards and plaques that are best for the specific person being honoured.

For even more traditional police recognition awards or other honours, we also offer a range of plaques. These can be as simple or complex as you want, with options that work well for firefighters, policemen, or those geared towards a specific profession. Among the most popular options include the hero plaque for firefighters, medical, and EMTs, and plaque awards by rank due to their versatility. Other options of note include the Maltese cross plaque and membership plaques with room for 24 or 45 names. Of course, the acrylic awards and plaques are customizable, with up to two lines of optional text.

Rounding out the traditional options of custom awards and trophies for firefighters and police are our selection of medals. In addition to the medal indicating years of service, we also offer service bars, presentation cases, and ribbon pins.

Axes, Coins, Trumpets, And Other Awards

At Stokes International, we understand that everyone wants specialized, custom awards and trophies for firefighters and police, which is why we also offer awards with axes, coins, and more. The fire axes are particularly popular in terms of firefighter awards and plaques, with options that include plaques or display materials and a range of designs.

We also offer custom award coins, including a two-tone Maltese cross that is engravable, a St. Florian coin in antique bronze, and an engravable fire chief coin. To further honour your team, we can provide pike poles and pike flag poles or one of 10 different trumpets. These trumpets range in size and can be nickel or brass, with or without a pedestal base, and are always engravable.

For those special members of your team, we even offer three collections of fire department watches with product available in either gold or two-tone silver and gold. The watches are from SEIKO, a brand known for its high quality and ability to honuor fire and EMS teams. We even offer an honour guard kit so you can honour several members of your team together.

We Are Proud To Offer The Michael Garman Sculpture Awards

In addition to our other award offerings, Stokes International is proud to carry exclusive firefighter awards – particularly the esteemed Michael Garman Sculpture Awards. We offer these in addition to our other custom awards and trophies for firefighters and police, giving you yet another way to show your appreciation for all your team does. These statue awards feature firefighters in various poses and in your choice of a solid color like bronze tone or other realistic shades.

Each of these Michael Garman Sculpture Awards includes a high level of detail to accurately represent the hard work and sacrifices firefighters make daily to protect others. The sculptures are handmade and, when applicable, hand painted by Michael Garman. The figures measure between 6.75 and 13 inches and come in a range of poses, including directing the firehose nozzle, honouring lost firefighters, commanding incidents, holding a rescued child, and first water. Some also offer additional customization, including the skin tone, paint for uniform, name, and number.

Always The Highest Quality

As with anything else you buy from Stokes International, our range of firefighter and police recognition awards are made from high-quality materials so they can withstand the test of time. This way, you can count on the award you honour your team with to last as a reminder of how much you appreciate everything they do.

Take Advantage Of Our Industry Experience

When you buy awards from Stokes International, you get to take advantage of our decades of industry experience. Since 1949, we have been based in Canada and providing military, fire, EMS, and police supplies, apparel, insignia, and awards. Over this time, we have built up a strong reputation you can count on to ensure that your uniforms, awards, and everything in between coordinates with each other and will stand up to tough use.