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Award Axes

Firefighter Gifts

You value your department and every member of your team, and firefighter axe awards and other gifts offer an opportunity to show that. At Stokes International, we provide a range of firefighter gifts, including award axes.

Standalone Axes in All Sizes

If you prefer a simple firefighter axe award, then we have multiple axes that are standalone items, without any mounting, bases, or plaques. They can work well for simpler awards or if you already have a mount that you want to use.

As you browse our standalone axes, you will notice that we have options in all sizes. Consider the smaller ones for typical gifts and the larger or more detailed ones for extra-special occasions.

Our small axe has an overall length of 14 inches and is 6.5 inches wide between the blade and tip. You can choose from polished brass or bright chrome finish on the 1 1/2# solid cast brass. Our large axe is a full-sized, 36 inches in length, and features a 6# solid cast brass pick head, with your choice of chrome or brass.

For those situations where you want a firefighter gift that can double as a parade item, or prefer to gift a full-size axe that is not functional, we also offer aluminum parade axes. As a full-size axe, this one has a 36-inch handle. Remember that it is made of lightweight aluminum and therefore weighs less than half as a real axe. It is not functional.

Decorated Axes

One of our most popular firefighter gift ideas is our decorated standalone axes. These may or may not include a base or mount, so they are excellent if you already have a mount in mind or if you know the recipient will want to display it laying down on a shelf or desk.

Consider the axe awards by rank type. These are carefully crafted axes that feature a sculpted rank emblem on the axe itself. The rank emblems match the traditional ranks that firefighter departments use so that anyone can tell the rank involved at a glance. Each axe is made from solid bronze and hand-finished before being polished to bring up a mirror finish. The axe also features a brass plate inlaid on its handle, letting you engrave it for further personalization. Ranks include Deputy Chief, Captain, Assistant Chief, Fire Officer, Firefighter, and Fire Chief.

You could also select a Hand-Painted Limited Edition Axe. This is an aluminum axe that has been hand-painted by Ray Antolik. The scene features the Canadian flag, a firefighter in uniform with an axe, and the firefighter logo. This is a genuinely limited-edition firefighter gift idea, as there will only be 100 numbered pieces of each scene. The axe is full-sized, and the painting takes up an entire side of it. The Hickory handle is flame-finished and lacquered. You can also opt to have this axe placed on a plaque for easier display.

Firefighter Axe Awards Ready for Display

When you need firefighter gifts that are ready to be put on display, we also have a range of axes on display stands or other types of mounts. We sell displays separately as well as axes that are already incorporated into a display.

Our Firefighter Axe Display Stand, for example, is made from solid walnut and measures 36 by 7 inches. It fits any full-size axe and features a black brass engraving area that can be personalized with a message.

Our pedestal base axes feature small axes mounted on a pedestal base, keeping the process of ordering firefighter gifts simple. The axe is chrome and sits on a 9-inch square base, with engraving available.

While the pedestal base axe is great for displaying on desks or shelves, our Fire Axe and Plaque Award is ideal for displaying on walls. It measures 20 by 12 inches and features an axe, the firefighter logo, and an engraving. There is also a larger variation of this award (42 by 17 inches) without the firefighter emblem.

Other Items Related to Firefighter Awards

If you want firefighter gift ideas that do not include axes, we also have a Pedestal Base Pikes mounted on a solid wood base plus room for engraving. We also sell axe head covers to protect the axes from scratches. We strongly encourage you to consider including this with any axe award.

We also have other awards, including acrylic, plaques, trumpets, statutes, watches, and honour guard.

Why Buy from Stokes

At Stokes International, we have more than 70 years of experience providing 5.11 gear, uniforms, awards, and more to firefighters, police, EMS, and the military. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products, in addition to our customer service and the ability to find everything that you need in a single place. We carry belts, caps, badges, clothing, decals, name bars, crests, pins, slip-on, and regalia in addition to awards.