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Custom Award Coins

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Custom Award Coins

Along with the other uniform items and regalia available from Stokes International, the company also offers fire department coins that are an excellent way to reward members of your team. These bronze coins are designed for fire departments as well as rescue teams and are a nice touch to show your appreciation for the hard work of those who put their lives on the line every day.

Multiple Designs to Choose From

To ensure that you always find the custom firefighter challenge coin you need, there are five main designs to select from when working with Stokes International. Some of the most popular ones feature St. Florian or the Maltese Cross, both of which are frequently associated with rescue workers and firefighters. There are also several different variations of the Maltese Cross with subtle differences, allowing for plenty of customization. There is even a specific design that is perfect for fire chiefs to honour their work.

Bronze or Two-Tone

Depending on the type of fire department coins you are in search of, you can choose from antique bronze coins or those with two tones. The two-tone firefighter coins feature antique bronze along with silver, creating a more elevated look that better stands out and is perfect for special occasions. The antique bronze finish sits on top of a brass alloy, which is how the coin is minted. In the case of the two-tone finish, the main colour is silver, and the coin is actually minted in 1 Troy ounce of pure silver (0.999) before being plated using 24-karat gold.


Most of the designs for firefighter coins from Stokes International are also engravable. These coins actually feature a fairly design-free back portion with just a classic wreath along the border; this way, you get a reasonably sized area to place the engraving of your choice. Use the space to commemorate a specific event, creating a custom firefighter challenge coin. Or you can use this engraving opportunity to permanently etch in the name of the recipient of the coin, the reason for receiving it (such as retirement), and/or the date.

Perfect for a Range of Uses

The possibilities for using the fire department coins from Stokes International are limitless. Use the custom firefighter challenge coins as prizes following fun challenges that keep your team in shape while promoting bonding. Or give all the firefighters who helped in a particularly challenging situation their own firefighter coins as thanks for their hard work and bravery. Or use these specialized as retirement gifts when someone retires from the force. They can even be welcome gifts for new members of the force. These coins are certainly affordable enough to give one to everyone on the firefighting team.

Same High Quality as Other Stokes International Products

By buying your firefighter coins from Stokes International, you can rest easy knowing that they will be of the highest quality. The materials used are durable and easy to care for, so anyone who receives fire department coins will be able to treasure them forever. They can even pass them down to family members in the future.

Perfect Supplement for Other Awards, Badges, and Regalia

The custom firefighter challenge coin can be the perfect complement to any other type of award, regalia, or badge that you get from Stokes International. When you order badges for new firefighters, go ahead and have a coin engraved for them as well. Or, when you order an award for exceptional service when someone is ready to retire, include a coin engraved with the years they served. 

Because Stokes International sells everything, it is simple to add one more item to your cart and show your firefighters just how much their hard work means to you. After all, one of the goals of Stokes International is to provide fire and rescue departments as well as police departments with everything they need in terms of uniforms, regalia, and awards, all of which are high-quality. Not only do we ensure the quality of these items, but we also strive to make the ordering process smooth. We offer as much as possible to save you precious time, as there is no need to hunt for multiple suppliers.

Rely on Decades of Experience

When you buy from Stokes International, you get the benefit of our nearly seven decades of experience creating high-quality uniforms, awards, and more for police, fire, and rescue departments. The firefighter coins are just one of the many items we have proudly produced for the forces since 1949. Stokes International employees and leaders not only have experience in the industry but also in the field. You will find retired fire chiefs and other service members helping to ensure that we always offer exactly what our various clients need. When you order from us, we work with you to ensure the process goes smoothly and you get exactly what you need at a reasonable price with excellent customer service.