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Award Plaques

Awards at Stokes International

Every department should have a method of showing its' team just how much they mean to the department and the community as a whole. At Stokes International, we give you multiple ways of achieving this, including via custom awards for firefighters.

Our firefighter plaques and awards let you honour firefighters for their actions that go above and beyond, or when they reach milestones in their careers. They are customizable, so you can include details about the firefighter or officer receiving the award and come in a range of styles to fit all your needs.

Plaque Backgrounds

The vast majority of our firefighter awards have classic wooden backgrounds, providing a professional or classic backdrop. These wooden backgrounds come in the full spectrum of tones, with each design being a slightly different shade. You can choose an award based on the background shade and how it will look in the recipient’s office.

We also have some more unique options, like the plate with vertical flames on sturdy plastic. This is a vibrant option featuring a great deal of colour, with orange and yellow flames set on a black background. The backdrop is mostly obscured by the frame in question.

Flat Plaques

You could divide our plaques into two categories: those that are flat and those that jut out and feature three dimensions. The previously mentioned plastic plaque with flames is one of the flat plaques. We also carry plaques with one of four images making up the majority of the plaque, with a smaller rectangle at the bottom for engraving.

These designs have something for all occasions, with options like an image of a fireman and a group of firemen with the words “The Bravest.” We also have one for volunteer firemen and one with “FD” in the middle and various relevant images, such as an ax, ladder, hat, and fire hose.

Plaques With 3D Emblems

For those situations that require a three-dimensional firefighter plaque, we have multiple options as well. The Plaque Award by Rank, for example, features solid bronze emblems of the various department ranks, each of which is carefully sculpted and about five inches in diameter, mounted on the walnut plaque. The To Serve and Protect Plaque features the words “To Serve and Protect” on an emblem that is partially covered with a 3D image of a firefighter climbing up a ladder.

The Fireman Plaque has a detailed 3D bust of a firefighter. All of these 3D emblems on firefighter plaques are laser engraved to ensure a high level of accuracy and detail.

Plaques to Honour Many Firefighters

Besides the various custom awards for firefighters at the individual level, we also have a Membership Plaque with room for 45 names. You can use this to honour firefighters that have served in a particular manner. It is an excellent option for Recognition of Outstanding Accomplishments and could have limitless uses.

All Can Be Engraved

No matter which of our firefighter awards you choose to honour your department with, you will be able to engrave the plaque with ease. We will gladly take care of the engravings for you. You need to indicate the desired text when you place the order. Alternatively, you can order the firefighter plaques without any engraving and have them in reserve. Then you could engrave them yourself when the time comes.

We strongly encourage you to let us take care of the engraving, as this will ensure a professional finish and quality.

Perfect for Various Uses

Because of our range of plaques and awards for firefighters, there are options for nearly all occasions. Some of the plaques are popular options to honour those who achieve a certain rank. Others are commonly used to honour those who complete particularly brave rescues or go above and beyond their duty as a firefighter. Others could honour those who have died in the line of duty, while yet others could honour those who served in exceptional circumstances.

About Stokes International

Stokes International has been in business for more than 70 years, providing firefighters, EMS, police, and military teams with apparel, awards, and insignia. Our firefighter awards are just one of the many different items we offer, all of which are of the highest quality.

In addition to the plaques, other custom awards for firefighters, police, EMS, and military include acrylic awards, axes, honour guard, trumpets, watches, and statutes. We also carry a range of insignia for use in honoring your team.

At Stokes International, we also offer the various parts of the uniform your team may wear, from the insignia to the pants and jackets. We take pride in the quality of our 5.11 clothing, ID badges, decals, equipment, and other items and even offer web quantity discounts.