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Badge Holders, Cap Badges & Metal I.D. Badges

Badges from Stokes International

In addition to the various uniform gear and related items that Stokes International sells, you will also find a range of uniform ID badges, firefighter cap badges, and police cap badges, along with the uniform badge holders needed to store and protect these badges. By offering high-quality badges, Stokes International can provide police, firefighter, and EMS teams with everything they need to create a professional appearance, from the uniform to the accessories. There is a wide range of badges and storage options available to meet the needs of your department, so your team can always keep their badges on hand, even when they are not pinned to their clothing.

Our Selection of Uniform ID Badges

Our selection of uniform ID badges at Stokes International includes several dozen different designs, all of which are made from durable, high-quality metal. Some of the badges are specifically designed to be police cap badges, while others are firefighter cap badges and yet others can be used for any uniform, regardless of the department. Each of the badges is customizable, so you can engrave the name, rank, and department of each member on their badge. Some also offer extra space for other information, like a badge number.

As you browse our police cap badges, you will find a range of designs, most of which are a bronze colour. These badges are all manufactured to meet high standards and have been handmade using quality brass and copper to ensure strength. The badges are die stamped two times to ensure a sharp and clean design before being polished by hand and engraved by a computer. Finally, the badges are hand-painted with quality enamel paints.

To enhance the selection of firefighter cap badges available, most of our badges can be plated with either silver rhodium or 10-karat gold. You also get to specify the backing; most badges allow for your choice of Velcro backing, screw post with pin, or heavy-duty straight pins. These backing styles are designed for wallet badges, cap badges, and breast badges, respectively. Just keep in mind that because of the quality of each badge, the entire process requires a delivery time of five to seven weeks.

We Also Offer Quick Ship Badges

Our team understands that you do not always have the choice of waiting several weeks for a customized high-quality badge to arrive, which is why we also offer Quick Ship badges in your choice of style. Most of these are designed for firefighters and emergency services, and you will find more than 10 style choices. The options for these Quick Ship badges include Gold or Silver Firefighter CAFC Badges, two-tone or silver firefighter badges, emergency service badges, a range of firefighter cap badges in gold with one to five trumpets, and a firefighter cap badge that includes symbols of various firefighting tools. As with the other badges from Stokes International, these Quick Ship badges are made of the highest quality materials and offer the same three backing options of Velcro, screw post, or straight pin and clasp.

Our Badge Holders

You will not be wearing your badge all of the time and need somewhere secure to store it, which is why Stokes International also has a range of uniform badge holders, including cases and wallets. You can stick to a simple leather ID badge case or opt for an upgraded version that also stores wallet essentials. There are several different styles of wallets that double as badge holders, including in the vintage style and with a zipper. Alternatively, you can choose to store your police cap badge in a leather badge clip holder in one of two styles or in a magnetic badge holder.

We Also Have Mourning Badge Bands

At Stokes International, we understand that working as a police officer or firefighter is not always the safest occupation and those that choose this job put their lives at risk every day. That is why we also offer mourning badge bands that can be used over our badges. There is the choice of either a black band or a black and red one, either of which has been specifically designed to fit all badges, including uniform ID badges. On a related note, we also offer black elasticized mourning armbands, so your team can show their respect for the deceased at memorials, remembrances services, and funerals.

We Pride Ourselves on Delivering Quality Service

Over the course of our nearly seven decades of experience at Stokes International, we have developed a reputation for delivering high-quality products with excellent customer service. We always strive to maintain that reputation with every transaction and customer interaction, so you expect the highest standard of care, whether you simply inquire about our uniform ID badges or make a purchase of any size. Be sure to also look into our 5.11 clothing, belts, buckles, awards, and other related items.

*Important: Note when using the Stokes customization design feature, colour options are used only to help show the engraving on the item(s). All engraving will be done in Arial Font in Black colour for the text.