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Badge Wallets and Cases

Badge Wallets And Cases

At Stokes International, we offer everything your team needs, from the uniform to the Toronto police badge wallet to hold an ID. We understand the importance of having official identification with you at all times when serving, which is why we make sure to offer a range of police and firefighter ID badge holder options. You will find a wide range of options in our selection, from traditional badge wallets to holders and clips.

Classic Leather ID Badge Case

One of our best-selling products is the simple yet classic Leather ID Badge Case. This case is made of high-quality leather that will stand the test of the time and look professional with proper care. The badge includes a clear ID card window on one side with the other side featuring a recessed badge cutout to ensure the perfect fit. When you order this particular police leather ID Badge case, we will ask you to select the cutout that is appropriate for your badge.

We pride ourselves on making our products compatible with every police force and firefighter department, which is why we offer several dozen different cutouts. This way, your badge will fit perfectly so that it looks great and does not fall out.

Feature-Filled Badge Wallets And Cases

Our selection at Stokes International includes more deluxe and feature-filled options for your Toronto police badge wallet. The Deluxe Leather Badge Wallet has a clear ID window and a recessed cutout for the badge, with dozens of cutouts to choose from. This wallet; however, can function as your everyday wallet in addition to displaying your badge and ID. It includes a money billfold and numerous credit card slots. Not only is the billfold large enough for all the cash you need to keep on hand, but there are 10 slots for credit cards. This wallet has a foldout liner in the back, so you can hide larger bills out of sight.

Those who prefer to display their badge and ID in a firefighter ID badge holder that may be simpler but still feature-filled will love our NEW Leather Badge Case. Once again, you get to choose from dozens of cutouts to hold your badge. This wallet is more compact with a large pocket, ideal for bills, and three slots for credit cards. It also features the foldout liner to hide big bills.

More Secure Wallets

Our selection of police leather ID badge cases includes options that are more secure, such as our Zippered Leather Wallet and Metal Chain. This wallet has an ID window, a badge cutout, double billfold backing, and a spot for credit cards. What helps it stand out is the zippered pocket that lets you securely store coins or other items that you do not want to risk falling out. The metal chain adds security and safety, reducing the risk of a pickpocket taking the wallet or it falling out of your pocket.

Vintage Styles As Well

Since we aim to appeal to all tastes at Stokes International, we also have a Vintage Style Wallet. This particular wallet works with a smaller number of badge shapes but still comes with a range of cutouts to choose from. You get the classic features, including a money billfold, credit card pockets, the badge cutout, and the ID window.

Badge Holders

We understand that not every department prefers to have their team store their badge in a wallet or case; some prefer that the badge is alone in its own holder or clip. Some individuals prefer this type of firefighter ID badge holder. That is why we offer several different badge holders to choose from.

You can opt for a Leather Badge Clip Holder made of high-quality, thick black leather and featuring a dome snap, rivet, and industrial metal clip. This clip holder works perfectly for badges featuring Straight Pin and Clasp backs. We also offer a Leather Badge Clip Holder with one of several cutouts so it perfectly fits your badge. This product includes a heavy-duty belt clip backing and uses Velcro backing. Another option is the NEW Magnetic Badge Holder with your choice of a cutout. This holder is great for your belt, pocket, or around your neck and uses the Velcro backing.

Always Made To High Standards

No matter the type of Toronto police badge wallet you choose, our selection at Stokes International is always made to meet the highest standards. We pride ourselves on selling products that are made to last, maintaining their professional appearance and durability over time, all while protecting your official badge.

The same is true of all our products at Stokes International, from uniforms to insignia to decals and more. Thanks to our decades of experience, we can deliver long-lasting products that fit the exact needs of your team.