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Metal ID Badges

Metal Badges For Ontario Police And Fire Officials

As a member of law enforcement or the fire brigade, you always want your team to appear professional and be easily identifiable at all times. The best way to ensure that everyone can recognize who is in the force is via anOntario fire or police badge. Some badge manufacturers are only looking to make a profit, but at Stokes International, we place quality and customer service above all else. With decades of experience in the industry, you can count on our badges to last a long time, throughout your career and tough daily use.

A Range Of Shapes And Designs

When you look at our selection of metal badges, you will notice that we have a truly impressive selection of Toronto police and fire brigade badges. The models span a range of designs and shapes, from those in the form of a shield or are more circular to those with traditional styling cues or the service crosses associated with fire brigades. With over three dozen basic designs to select among, you should easily find a pattern that makes your unit’s police or fire badge stand out while still being instantly recognizable for what it is. You can select a model that is as intricate or simple as you prefer.

Thanks to our wide selection of styles, including timeless designs, Stokes International is also likely to offer a Toronto police or fire badge that matches the ones already in your force. This way, when you run out of extra ones, you can simply order additional badges to have on hand for new members. Even if you haven’t previously ordered from us, our large selection means that we are likely to have a specific Ontario police or fire badge that matches your existing ones closely enough that the differences are unnoticeable to the average person.

How You Choose To Attach Badges

To add to the versatility of our products, the police and fire badges from Stokes International can be attached in multiple ways. We offer Velcro backings so your force can attach them to a badge wallet with ease. There are also screw post backings to attach the badges to caps and straight pin and clasp backings to attach them to jackets. This way, your force can have a uniform appearance no matter where the metal badge is attached.

Perfect For Police And Fire Departments

The designs that we offer at Stokes International are designed perfectly to serve as either Ontario police badges or fire badges. They all appear professional, and there are shapes that you expect to see from either type of force. Some even have additional elements to the design, such as engraved fire hoses, to make it clear what force your team is serving on.

Customizable ID Badges

All of our Toronto police and fire badge options also offer customization so you end up with the exact engravings and color scheme that your department prefers. In addition to the backing options mentioned above, you are able to determine the finish image. While the default is typically silver, gold is also available, offering your department a way to distinguish the superiors within the force by their badges alone. We also provide engravings on the badges, with many of the metal badge choices featuring several locations for these engravings. In this way, you are able to engrave the metal with the specific name of your force or department as well as the officer or firefighter’s name for personalization. It is even possible to adjust the slant, boldness, and size of the engravings on the badges.

We Also Offer The Necessary Accessories

We aim to provide everything fire and police departments need at Stokes International, which is why you will also find a range of badge wallets and cases. The traditional choice is the badge wallet, of which we offer several different styles, allowing for uniformity across your force or customization so each member of the team can select the one he or she prefers. We additional have badge chains and clip holders for forces that prefer those.

Decades Of Experience

When you choose to order your Toronto police or fire badge from Stokes International, you will get the benefit of decades of experience. In fact, we have been serving the Canadian forces since 1949. During this time, we have built up a strong reputation for providing high-quality badges that stand the test of time and appear professional.

Contact us today to place your order or simply learn more about the metal badges Stokes International can offer you. We even offer a Stokes Web Quantity Discount for those who order online, allowing your police or fire force to save money without sacrificing quality. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you have.