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Cap Accessories

Uniform Accessories

At Stokes International, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality uniforms and related items to police, EMS, fire departments, and more. In addition to the various pieces of the uniforms themselves, we also offer a range of uniform cap accessories that can add a nice touch to your team’s caps. Our selection of police cap button options can be used to distinguish ranks, honour special occasions, or perform a range of other functions. As with all our other items, our police uniform accessories are made of the highest quality, so they last, allowing your team to maintain its professional appearance and saving your department money.

Cap Buttons

Our selection of uniform cap accessories kicks off with your choice of police cap button. We offer three main styles of cap buttons to complement your uniform. There is a police cap gold button as well as a cap button CAFC in either gold or silver. All of these buttons are size 24 for a nice, small size. They all feature a two-prong wire back. The CAFC buttons in gold or silver feature a two-piece construction.

These particular uniform cap accessories are an excellent way to add a touch of colour to your uniform while maintaining its professional appearance. At the same time, a uniform cap button allows those that your team encounters to know what department you work with, providing easy identification.

Expansion Cap Straps

Our offerings of expansion cap straps at Stokes International is simply another way that we strive to ensure every single member of your team will be able to wear the same uniform, regardless of size or body shape. The expansion cap straps are available in your choice of gold or silver. They are able to expand the size of the uniform cap in a stylish manner that appears to be part of the cap instead of attracting unwanted attention.

Metallic Cap Straps

In our experience, many teams prefer uniform cap accessories in a metallic shade as these tend to appear more elegant or professional to some. As such, our selection of cap straps includes four different styles of metallic cap straps. You can choose to get a metallic version of the double gold cap strap with a very nice shine to it. Or there are three different striped cap straps available: metallic gold with a blue center stripe, metallic gold with a red center stripe, or metallic silver with a blue center stripe. As always, our selection at Stokes International is designed to appeal to a range of teams, regardless of their preferences.

Mourning Cap Straps

Unfortunately, death is sometimes a part of life, especially for police and other forces. As such, we also offer two choices of mourning cap straps. Both are black and they feature either a red or white stripe in the center. These mourning straps are ideal for showing solidarity during memorial events or for honouring comrades who have fallen.

Other Cap Straps

In addition to the uniform cap button and expansion straps, Stokes International offers a wide range of other cap straps in the form of uniform cap accessories. You can find a double cello cap strap in either gold or silver. These enhance a uniform cap in a way that other styles do not due to their double design. We also offer regal cap straps in your choice of gold or silver for those who prefer this style over others.

For departments that want an alternative to the traditional cap strap, you will also find a twisted cord cap strap or a Jugulaire deluxe gold cap strap. Both of these have corded styles with the twisted cord cap strap available in your choice of gold, black, red, or white so you can select the one that works best with your other police uniform accessories. The Jugulaire deluxe strap has a slightly more elegant appearance than the twisted corded one, with both options being highly professional.

70 Years of Experience

When you choose to purchase your police uniform accessories from Stokes International, you get to take advantage of 70 years of experience providing high-quality uniforms and accessories. From our uniform cap button options to our cap straps to the caps themselves, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products that can stand up to the rigorous demands of your force.

Since 1949, our Canada-based company has been supplying uniforms, clothing, and accessories to those around the world. We are founded on a history of service as W.S. Bill Stokes was a WWI veteran.

Find Everything You Need At Stokes Including Uniform Cap Accessories

Purchasing your uniform cap accessories from Stokes International is designed to be a seamless and stress-free process. We ensure that you can find everything you need in one convenient location, so there is no need to look for a separate supplier for cap accessories, clothing, badges, and other insignia and apparel. Just chat with us, give us a call, or explore our selection to find what your team needs.