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Uniform Caps

Find Official Uniform Caps From Stokes International

Stop worrying about choosing the right uniform caps to go with your firefighter or police dress uniform. Stokes International has you covered. In addition to our range of full dress uniforms, and badges, we also offer a variety of caps, all of which are made of the highest quality to our exacting standards.

Uniform Caps For All Needs

No matter where you are in search of a firefighter uniform cap, a police uniform cap, or a related one, we will have a durable and professional option to meet your needs. There is a range of colors and styles for the caps, including various functions. These range from the basics, such as a security guard cap or chauffeur cap, to a general white uniform cap to incredibly precise ones, such as the Fire Officer Cap or Firefighter EMS Uniform Cap.

To take the stress out of your search for a fire or police dress uniform and cap, we offer highly specific ones, as well. The Fire Chief Cap, for example, has two rows of maple leaves, while the Deputy Chief Cap has one row. By creating this distinction within our designs, you don’t have to rely on customization to as great as an extent, keeping costs down and saving you time and effort. With 15 different uniform caps to choose from, you should easily be able to distinguish stations and ranks without additional effort.

Sizes For All On Your Team

At Stokes International, we understand that a police force or firefighting team can be incredibly varied in terms of shapes and sizes, which is why all of our caps come in a range of sizes. Nearly every single one can be ordered to be between 54 and 64 centimeters, with options at every whole number. This ensures that the smallest member of your force is able to wear the same uniform as the largest member.

Additional Customization Available

While we pride ourselves on offering a wide enough range of uniform hats that you won’t need to do much customization to convey rank differences, we still offer plenty of personalization. This is essential since every force is different, and while some may use black uniforms, others will use dark navy ones. Since most caps are offered in each of these colors, you can select the shade that best matches your police dress uniform.

In addition to the actual colour of the cap, many of the police and firefighter uniform cap choices also offer your choice for the band colour. This can be black, dark navy, or red. You also can choose a brim with one or two rows of maple leaves to add more customization of rank or national pride to your uniforms.

To round out the customization options on our range of uniform caps, we also offer your choice of buttons. They can be plain gold to keep it simple or specific to your duties. That is why we offer Police Gold, EMS Gold, and Fire CAFC Gold in addition to plain gold for the buttons. This button feature provides customers with yet another way to distinguish their particular task from others, such as separating firefighters and the police.

Decades In The Industry

Stokes International has a long history of providing Canadian police forces, fire brigades, and other officers with their uniforms, equipment, awards, badges, and more. We were founded in 1949 and have always been based in Canada, maintaining our status as a fixture of the community. Since our founding, organizations within Canada and around the world have relied on Stokes International to deliver their uniforms, uniform caps, and other related items. With 60 years of experience, you can trust that we know how to deliver quality products that stand up to wear and tear and can last years or even an entire career.

Highest-Quality Materials

By buying your firefighter uniform cap, police dress uniform, and other related items from Stokes International, you can trust that they will be made using the highest-quality materials possible. We pride ourselves on the durability, appearance, and overall quality of all of our items. Our goal is for a single item to last years, if not decades, so you don’t have to worry about finding an identical replacement or spend additional money on buying them.

Get Everything You Need And Excellent Customer Service

The selection at Stokes International covers much more than just uniform caps and the general uniform clothing itself. We also have belts, buckles, name bars, lapel pins, ID badges, and more. Our customer service department is always ready to consult with you and walk you through the various options. Whether you are already a customer or looking for a new supplier of your fire, police, military, or EMS uniforms, we can assist you. You may even be eligible for a special quantity discount when buying online, saving you some extra money that can be spent on other items your department needs.