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Tactical Clothing

Work Uniforms and Tactical Clothing

When you are out in the field, the last thing you want is for your clothing to hold you back, and you don’t have to worry about that when you choose tactical clothing from Stokes International. We offer a wide range of pants, shirts, footwear, gloves, and more, ensuring that you’re protected and ready to take on whatever situation comes your way when you’re on the job. That way, you can focus on your job without giving any thought to your clothing. In other words, you will be safe and ready to go at a moment’s notice when you’re dressed in clothes from Stokes International.

Countless Options at Your Disposal

We dress our customers from head to toe in tactical clothing, ensuring that they are fully prepared for all situations when they are out in the field. While some of our customers just need a pair of shorts and a sport shirt, other customers need additional accessories, as well, such as 5.11 Taclite2 Gloves or Five Points Tear Away Safety Vests. We even carry 5.11 bags and backpacks to pair with your tactical clothing in case you need to bring tools with you on the job. For instance, our Small EMT First Responder Bag is perfect for EMTs who care for trauma patients. It has enough space for all of the essentials, and it is light enough that you don’t have to worry about it holding you back when every second counts.

Various Sizing Options for Work Uniforms

Sizing is important when purchasing tactical clothing. If you buy the wrong size, your weapon might be in the wrong place when you reach for it. That could make all the difference when you’re out in the field. That is why Stokes International offers a variety of sizing options for our tactical clothing.

For example, our Twill PDU Class-A Long Sleeve Shirt is available in both tall and regular fits. It also comes in small all the way up to 6x.

You’ll find the same options with our pants. For instance, our 5.11 Men’s PDU Class B Twill Cargo Pant is available in a 30 up to a 50, making it easy for people of all sizes to get the perfect fit for their needs.

We also offer a range of sizes for women. One great option is the 5.11 Women’s Cotton Tactical Pant. It’s available with a regular or long inseam and comes in sizes ranging from 2 to 20. Many of the shirts are unisex, allowing women to easily get large sizes without any issues.

Work Uniforms Designed for Mission-Specific Performance

Our manufacturers receive direct input from field operators when designing our tactical clothing. This allows them to design clothing that is up to the standards required by the operators. Along with the operator input, the designers look at a wealth of mission-specific requirements, ranging from stitching style to material selection and augmentation. Every detail counts with tactical clothing, and these designers take everything into account. 
With all the details in place, the designers craft the tactical clothing with comfort and function in mind. This allows the manufacturers to create clothing that allows everyone to get the job done, whether they are police officers on stings or firefighters putting out blazes.

Browse through our large line of tactical clothing and make a selection. From pants and shirts to outerwear and shoes, it’s easy to dress from head to toe when you go with Stokes International. When your clothes arrive, you’ll be amazed by how comfortable and functional they are. These clothes are proof that you can stay on top of your game without sacrificing comfort.