Tactical Boots

Before you report to duty, you have to make sure you’re dressed appropriately from head to toe; that includes picking out the right tactical boots from Stokes International. We provide a wide range of boots so you can easily find the right pair for your job. Whether you need black military boots, police duty boots, or something else, we have you covered. Once you get your boots, your feet will be protected and ready for action when you’re out in the field.

Maximum Protection

Your boots are often the first line of defense when you come into contact with hazards. You will find a variety of boots in our tactical boot store that will provide you with the protection you need; that way, you won’t have to worry about suffering an injury when you’re out in the field.

If you are exposed to dangerous pathogens, consider the 5.11 ATAC 8 Shield Boot. This waterproof boot has a blood-borne pathogen resistant membrane. It also has a shock mitigation system, and it is slip resistant. In addition, the quiet outsole makes it easy for you to patrol the area without anyone knowing that you’re coming.

This is just one of the countless options available at Stokes International. No matter what type of protection you need, we have the tactical boots for you.

Stay Comfortable and Dry on the Beat

Our range of 5.11 boots don’t just help you get the job done, these boots will keep you comfortable and dry, no matter how long you have to stay on duty. For example, the Chase 9-Inch Side Zip black tactical boots include a moisture-wicking lining and custom-molded phylon EVA midsole. These features will ensure maximum comfort all day long, even if you have to work a dreaded double shift. You don’t have to be uncomfortable to get the job done when you go with our 5.11 tactical boots.

Get Ready for Winter

If you work outdoors during the winter months, you need a special type of tactical boot, as a standard boot won’t handle the elements. Instead, you need something like the 5.11 Winter TactLite 8-Inch. This lightweight and breathable boot has 400g Thinsulate insulation which means you don’t have to worry about getting cold when you’re outdoors. Plus, it has the 5.11 Zonal Lacing System so every user has a customized fit which makes it much easier to stay on your feet during a long shift. These boots might go on your feet, but they fit like a glove.

Get the Perfect Fit

Our tactical boot store offers a wide range of sizes. Along with standard sizes, we provide regular and wide widths so you don’t have to worry about suffering from discomfort when you’re out in the field. Our boots help you stay comfortable, alert, and ready on the job, which allows you to perform your duties all day long without worrying about sore feet. You don’t have the time to rub your feet at work, and you don’t have to worry about it with these boots.

Don’t Forget Your Tactical Socks

Stokes International doesn’t stop with the tactical boots. We are also concerned with what you put underneath your boots, which is why we offer tactical socks. Be sure to pick up a pair when you buy your boots, then, you will be ready to report for duty.

You’re on your feet all day long, and you need to be ready for whatever comes your way. Our black tactical boots will help you get off on the right foot, whether you are chasing down a perp or patrolling the streets. With the right boots, you will be comfortable and ready for action at any point in your shift.