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Uniform Gloves

Gloves From Stokes International

At Stokes International, we understand the importance of your uniform, down to the 5.11 tactical gloves. As such, we offer a wide selection of police gloves, from those designed for duty to uniform white dress gloves.

A Range Of Purposes

Our high-quality police gloves at Stokes International can assist your team in all situations. At work, when your police force or firefighters need a strong grip, we have Station Grip Gloves.

For those times that a simpler set of gloves will do the job, but your team needs to look sleek with your uniform, we have plain black cloth gloves.

For the formal occasions when your entire department needs to look its best, we have multiple styles of dress gloves to choose from.

Our Dress Gloves

Our selection of uniform white dress gloves includes several styles, so you can choose the one that works best for your team.

If you want to keep things simple, consider the plain dress gloves in a universal size that should fit every member of your team. You can buy these gloves as individual pairs or in packs of a dozen pairs to save time and ensure you always have extras ready.

We also offer police gloves for ceremonial settings with more detail. These are also one-size-fits-all gloves in white but have additional details to add to their value. They feature snap closures on the wrist as well as a three-point back, a set-in thumb, and fourchette stitching along the back of the hand. This provides the elegant and professional appearance you expect from uniform white dress gloves.

To further add to their value, this particular set of ceremonial police gloves are 100 percent polyester. They are thick and made of higher-quality material than the more affordable pair of gloves, providing durability. This offers savings in the long run as they will not need to be replaced for a long time.

Our Simple Gloves

For police forces and other teams in search of 5.11 tactical gloves, our black cloth gloves are the perfect solution. These gloves look professional with their solid black appearance that complements any uniform.

To ensure a proper fit for everyone on your team, these gloves are available in four sizes. This allows us to provide your entire force with the same set of gloves, offering the uniformity that you aim for with your department’s appearance.

Our Gloves That Support Tough Tasks

The police, EMS, firefighters, and other similar teams need gloves that can keep up with them on tough tasks, and make the accomplishment of those tasks easier. Our Station Grip Gloves aim to fill this purpose by ensuring that your team can protect their hands while maximizing their grip of surfaces. That proper grip maximizes their ability to protect and serve the community at all times.

These Station Grip Gloves are comfortable as well as durable. They are ergonomically designed, working to maximize your team’s comfort, even on the longest of shifts. The gloves also feature extra padding and protection.

Your team will appreciate the four-way, stretchable and breathable top and the molded breathable neoprene knuckle. The neoprene wrist ensures that debris and moisture stay out of the gloves, keeping your hands safe.

To help the gloves fit everyone on your team comfortably, they feature an adjustable wrist closure with a hook and loop and a four-way, stretchable and breathable top.

For maximum durability, the gloves have a reinforced pull tab and cuff seam. They are also TAA-compliant.

Combine the Gloves With Other Elements of Your Uniform

Our Stokes International 5.11 tactical gloves are the perfect addition to other elements of your uniform. We have everything you need to outfit your team from head to toe in comfortable, professional gear that conveys authority and allows them to protect the community.

You can find major pieces of clothing and uniform wear, such as pants, shirts, boots, and caps. We also have other items to complete the finer details of your items, from bars and badges to wear with uniform white dress gloves to belts that will ensure your team’s pants always stay in place.

We Pride Ourselves On Quality

As with every other item for sale at Stokes International, we ensure that all of our police gloves are made to the highest standards. With more than 70 years of providing the police, firefighters, EMS, and military teams with uniforms and related gear, we know how to create long-lasting gear that fits the needs of your team.

All of our 5.11 tactical gloves will stand the test of time, giving your team a set of gloves that they can rely on, just like they can depend on our belts, badges, and regalia.

To help your department, even more, we even offer web quantity discounts that allow you to match your team needs for an excellent value.