Uniform Tactical Shorts

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Get Quality Tactical Shorts for Your Team

To keep your police force, fire department, or other team working comfortably in all weather conditions, invest in 5.11 tactical shorts from Stokes International. The shorts are made of the same high-quality materials as all other Stokes International uniform pieces and work seamlessly with the other products, maintaining the professional appearance you strive for.

Sizes for the Entire Team

Thanks to the range of sizes offered for 5.11 shorts, there is no need to worry about whether these uniform pieces will fit everyone on the team. Sizing starts at 28” and goes all the way up to 54” for the 5.11 tactical shorts, including the taclite pro ones. This way, there is no concern about the smallest or largest members of your team having to search for a similar-looking item in their size. Those who don’t need 5.11 products will also find sturdy cargo pocket work shorts from Stokes International in sizes ranging from 26” (2XS) to 52” (9XL).

Multiple Colours

In addition to the size range, the shorts from Stokes International come in multiple colors, ensuring that there is a choice to match the rest of your uniform. They can come in dark navy, TDU khaki, black, tundra, coyote, or TDU green. The 5.11 taclite pro shorts offer all the same colors except the tundra shade, allowing for a similar level of customization and the ability to match your team’s existing uniforms. The cargo pocket work shorts even offer the choice of gray, black, or navy.

High Quality to Stand Up to the Job

Stokes International understands that those on the police and fire departments as well, as others in similar professions, need high-quality materials that can withstand the extreme use they are put up to on a daily basis. The 5.11 tactical shorts are made from 100 percent cotton canvas material known for its excellent durability with Cordura reinforcement in key areas. For added durability over time, the shorts come with Prym snaps and YKK zippers. The 5.11 taclite shorts are more lightweight and breathable, made from 35 percent cotton and 65 percent polyester, a combination known for its durability. They have the same Prym snaps and YKK zippers but the added benefit of being Teflon treated for resistance to stains and spills. The knees and seat are both double layered for additional stability, and the fabric resists fading and wrinkles.

Convenient In-Pocket Storage

The 5.11 taclite pro shorts feature a convenient multi-purpose pocket that includes quick access so your police force can easily access the tools they need. Those searching for the convenience of in-pocket storage without the need to choose 5.11 shorts will appreciate the cargo pockets with their inverted pleat design on the cargo work shorts. These pockets have Velcro closures for security. Additional secure storage comes from the rear welt pockets with their button closures and the two front slant pockets that sit nice and deep so items don’t fall out.

Numerous Uses

The 5.11 tactical shorts and similar items can be used in a variety of ways. Many forces prefer to let their team choose whether they wish to wear shorts or pants in the summer so they are always comfortable and able to serve to their best capabilities. Others will choose to reserve these 5.11 shorts for more casual occasions or when the temperature reaches a certain point. No matter the reason, it is always a smart idea for your team to have access to shorts so they aren’t stuck wearing 5.11 pants in extremely hot weather.

Other 5.11 Clothing

In addition to 5.11 tactical shorts, Stokes International has a range of other 5.11 clothing. This allows you to purchase all that your firefighters or police officers need from a single location and provides you with the reassurance that all items will complement each other, giving your team a professional appearance that demands respect. Just a few of the other types of tactical clothing available through Stokes International are pants, gloves, outerwear, shirts and sport shirts, tunics, sweaters, uniform ties, and footwear. As all products are made to the same high standards and by the same manufacturer, they will look good together, creating that polished appearance.

A Long History You Can Trust

Buying from Stokes International allows you to buy your force’s shorts and other gear from a manufacturer with decades of experience providing uniforms, buckles, badges, and more to law enforcement, firefighters, military, and those in related fields. Since 1949, we at Stokes International have prided ourselves on creating high-quality products that won’t have to be replaced often, even under the tough use you and your team are likely to put the objects through.

Thanks to the reliability of Stokes International and our products, you will be able to save money in the long run. Paying for one high-quality set of 5.11 shorts is much more affordable than having to buy multiple pairs of lower-quality shorts due to wear and tear from normal use; this won’t happen with Stokes International products.