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Uniform Shirts

Finding The Right Tactical Shirts Is Easy With Stokes International

You never know what the day will bring, which is why a tactical shirt is a must-have accessory. Whether you work in law enforcement or you have a concealed carry permit, these shirts provide you with the features you need when you are out in the world, where every second counts. Let your training work for you with one of these shirts from Stokes International.

Tactical Shirt Features

There are more choices than ever before when it comes to tactical shirts. If you want something with moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant technologies,you can go with 5.11 Utili-T’s Long Sleeve Undershirts. If you need something with bi-swing shoulders for enhanced mobility, you can choose the Twill PDU Class-A Short Sleeve Shirt.

These are just two of the options you’ll find with Stokes International. Browse through the inventory to find shirts with reinforced stress points, stain resistance, permanent creases, and more.

Styles For All Needs

When you shop with Stokes International, you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. We have a style for every occasion. If you want something casual, choose a canvas or denim pullover, such as the 5.11 Job Shirt with Denim. This casual tactical shirt looks great in casual situations, but it still has the features you need for tactical situations, such as the chest break-through pocket with a Velcro-divider.

We also offer button-up shirts, including the Uniform Long Sleeve Shirt. This shirt is perfect for dress uniforms and is colourfast and washable.

In addition, you can select between long- and short-sleeve shirts so you never have to worry about going out of season. With so many choices, you can express yourself without limiting your tactical abilities.

Uniform Shirts For Men And Women

It’s not just a man’s world anymore. Women are just as likely to be on the front lines, protecting the world, and they’re just as likely to need tactical shirts. Because of that, women have the same options as men have when it comes to purchasing tactical style shirts. Women can also choose from casual and professional shirts to wear on the job or at home. Just like men’s shirts, women’s shirts come with various features that let them easily access their weapons, vests, or other tactical items at a moment’s notice. While some of our shirts are made specifically for men or women, other styles are made for both genders. Click on the shirt and then select the appropriate gender. This makes it easy to get the perfect style for your work or home life.

Multiple Sizes

Size is important when choosing a tactical shirt. You need it to fit properly to ensure that you can reach your tactical item at the right time. You also need to be comfortable so you can keep the shirt on all day long. After all, your shirt will only help you if you’re able to wear it. We offer a variety of sizes for each of our shirts. We also offer regular and tall sizes in some of our shirts, so if you have trouble finding the right shirt at some other retailers, don’t let that stop you. We likely have the perfect size for you. Just look through our online store to find the right shirt in the proper size.

If you want countless options, Stokes International is the online tactical supplier for you. With shirts for all shapes, sizes, genders, and styles, you are certain to find the right one for your needs. From casual to formal and everything in between, the perfect shirt is waiting on our virtual shelves. Pick it out today.