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Uniform Sweaters

Uniform Sweaters

To complement the other items in your uniforms, Stokes International is proud to offer a range of uniform sweaters in varying styles to meet your needs. All of our sweaters are high-quality so that they will last and withstand the tough use that your team goes through. Between the styles and sizes, there are options for every unit, from a military sweater to a simple yet professional uniform sweater.

Zipper Sweaters

For teams that require the ability to easily take the sweater on and off in a professional manner while working, we offer zip-front sweaters. These have poly-cotton patches on the elbows and shoulders as well as Velcro epaulettes. There is also the option of a nameplate and badge plate already included in the sweater, so there is nothing to worry about. For durability, the zipper sweater is made from 100% Durapil acrylic. You can also choose from black or dark navy depending on the colour of the rest of your uniform.

V-Neck Military Sweaters

Those teams who require the specific appearance of a military sweater will also find what they need from our selection at Stokes International. We have a classic military sweater with a V-neck that delivers the professional appearance you are looking for. Like the other uniform sweaters, it is available in either black or dark navy. The sweater itself is made from 100% acrylic low pill, so there is no concern about the pilling ruining the professional appearance of the sweater. There are also polyester covers on the shoulders and elbows to reduce wear and deliver the desired appearance.

Pullover Sweaters

Teams that require pullover sweaters but do not necessarily need a military sweater can also find a basic pullover uniform sweater. This sweater is also available in either dark navy or black to coordinate with the rest of your uniform. Like the military sweater, it is made from 100% acrylic low pill material for that professional appearance combined with comfort. Best of all, you can choose to order this sweater with either a crew neck or a V-neck depending on the preference for your team. The distinction even allows you to have a separate neckline for different roles on the team to deliver a minor visual difference in the uniforms.

Vest Sweaters

At Stokes International, we understand that not every team needs the long sleeves associated with uniform sweaters. That is why we also offer sleeveless vest sweaters. These are made from the same 100% acrylic low pill material as most of the other sweaters. It is also available in either black or dark navy and has a V-neck. The vest sweater is ideal for those mildly chilly days.

Long Sleeves

To supplement the various uniform sweaters we offer, we also have mock-neck long sleeve shirts. These are perfect for keeping your team warm on cooler days as well as layering underneath any of the other sweaters. They have the classic mock-neck style and are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester and available in dark navy blue. These are only available in limited quantities.

Range Of Sizes

Most of our uniform sweaters at Stokes International are available in a full range of sizes. This allows you to easily ensure that your entire team is wearing the same uniform for a professional appearance and uniformity. In fact, all of our sweaters are available from extra small to as large as 5XL.

All Styles Coordinate With Each Other

As you explore our collection of military sweater options, you will notice that we specifically designed the pieces to coordinate with each other. The V-neck sleeveless vest, for example, looks almost identical to the pullover and military sweaters, but without the sleeves. This gives departments the ability to offer their teams a range of sweater options that they can choose from based on the weather conditions.

Or teams can utilize the minor differences in the sweaters, such as between the zip front and pullover or pullover and military sweater, to distinguish between roles. This can help create a visual difference among roles, making it easier for the community to tell the role of a particular team member.

Always High Quality

As always with all of our other Stokes International products, the uniform sweaters that we offer are of the highest quality. They will last for a long time and hold up to the rigorous use your team goes through. Our use of low pill material further improves durability as there will be less risk of pilling, which can ruin the material.

Thanks to our 70 years of experience, we understand the importance of providing high-quality products that departments can count on to hold up in the field. Our sweaters also work seamlessly with all of our other uniform gear for a professional, cohesive appearance.