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Safety Vest

Safety Vests From Stokes International

Some of the uniform items that your team wears regularly are for identification, while others are for professionalism. Reflective safety vests not only help identify your organization to those around them, but they are also a matter of safety.

In addition to all of the other uniform gear and accessories your fire, police, or EMS team needs, we have a selection of high visibility vests at Stokes International. By buying your vests from us, you can save the hassle of finding a separate safety supply store and order the safety vests from the same place as our uniforms.

Multiple Styles of Safety Vests

To appeal to all departments and needs, we offer multiple styles of reflective safety vests for you to purchase.

The Five Points Tear Away Safety Vest has five points for security as well as safety release. The waist is adjustable and features a Velcro closure for the proper fit. There are additional Velcro closures on the shoulders, sides, and front.

This vest is highly reflective as it has fluorescent red and orange or fluorescent yellow and lime colour. For added visibility, there are multiple lines in reflective silver-tape, including two front verticals, a horizontal line on the waist straps, and an “X” along the back. For comfort, the material is premium polyester.

For those in search of a slightly different style, the Detachable and Expandable Safety Vest has its own patented breakaway design that separates at the waist and shoulders to prevent being entangled. For the proper fit, there are improved adjustable loop and hook side openings. There are also convenient pencil holes on the front cross straps and microphone tabs on either side.

For visibility, this high-visibility vest is in a brilliant yellow that is fade-resistant. It also features the contrasting silver reflective tape, with 360-degree reflective coverage due to two horizontal lines in both the front and back. The back features an additional “X” while the front features a “V” in the reflective tape. This vest is also made from polyester, but it is WR Certified Polyester Oxford.

The Safety Vests Provide Visibility and Easy Release

These vests from our safety supply store provide your team with safety in multiple ways. Their use of bright, vibrant colours combined with the various patterns in reflective tape helps ensure that your team is always visible. This reduces any risk to your fire, police, or EMS team, even at night or in other dark or hard-to-see environments.

Additionally, all of the vest styles are designed to come off quickly when necessary. This prevents your team from getting trapped in a car mirror or something else. It also prevents those with bad intentions from grabbing your team by the vest and refusing to let go. In either situation, the quick release Velcro or breakaway designs will allow your team to take off the vest quickly to stay safe.

Adjustable for All Sizes

You will notice that our reflective safety vest options are one-size-fits-all. This is a standard among safety supply stores as the various pieces of Velcro, and other straps allow your team to adjust the single-size vest to fit them properly.

The ability to connect the Velcro as tightly or as loosely as needed also makes life easier for your department as you can order a single size for everyone. Instead of having to request a specific number of each size, you order enough vests and know you will be fine. This is particularly helpful anytime that your team experiences turnover. You will not need to order a new vest if your new team member is a vastly different size than the previous one.

Made to Last

All of our high visibility vests are designed to be durable so that you can count on the vests lasting your team. We understand that firefighters, police, EMS, and other teams perform vital roles and do not need any distractions while on the job. By offering durable vests, we give your team one less thing to worry about. There is a dramatically reduced concern that their vest will rip at an inopportune time.

High Visibility Vests Complement Other Uniform Gear

At Stokes International, we are proud to offer not only high visibility vests, but a full selection of uniform items in addition to badges and awards. By providing everything, we save you the hassle of finding a safety supply store and placing a separate order. You can order everything your team needs at once, from the uniform pants to the caps to the safety vests. Due to our variety of items, you can even order awards, badges, and dress uniforms at the same time. Again, this saves your department valuable time as there is no need to contact multiple retailers. We even offer web quantity discounts to save you money as well as time.