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Tunic Jacket

Find Your Tunics And Trousers

A professional, uniform appearance is necessary for your force, both on a daily basis and for special occasions. This is why most forces have both a police dress uniform and a uniform that is worn on a daily basis. Regardless of the dress uniform you are in search of, Stokes International can provide it for your police or firefighting brigade.

Range Of Uses

At Stokes International, we recognize that every police and fire force is different, which is why we offer several styles of police and firefighter dress blues in addition to Class A firefighter uniform choices. During the ordering process, you simply have to select the type of buttons that you need of your uniforms, and this will customize it for your particular use. Choose from police, fire CAFS, and EMS buttons, each of which is offered in silver or gold. This not only allows you to customize the tunics for the type of force you have, such as a police dress uniform, but also gives you the opportunity to have minor differences for varying ranks among the force. Sleeve striping is also available for further designations of rank.

Range Of Sizes And Styles

While the overall style of the tunics and trousers is the same, there are enough minor variations for you to select the one your force is looking for. There are both single and double-breasted tunics, for example, along with Class A fire uniform choices. There should be no problem finding the proper size for everyone in your force, as we offer a wide range of sizes for both men and women, along with the choice of Regular, Tall, Short, and Petite so no one will have to wear an ill-fitting uniform or make an extra trip to a tailor.

High Quality That Lasts

As with all Stokes International products, the police and firefighter dress blues are all made from durable materials with high-quality craftsmanship that can last. The exact material will depend on the item chosen, but you can expect a 12-ounce wool blend, 100 percent polyester, or something similar. The range of options allows you to select the material that is right for your force and the temperature in your area.

Remember that Stokes International has been providing police equipment, clothing, and more for over 60 years. We are known for our high-quality products and excellent customer service. We can provide everything you need, from the trousers and tunics themselves to the badges, belts, and buckles to go along with them.