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Uniform Ties

Uniform Ties at Stokes International

With a wide selection of police equipment supply at Stokes International, we have everything you need, including uniform clip on ties. These ties allow your team to maintain a professional appearance without having to worry about wasting time tying a tie or their tie getting caught on something while on duty.

Self-tying Ties

One of our very popular options is the self-tying tie, which removes the need for your team to waste valuable time when getting ready. These provide your team with a familiar tying experience. They also allow your department to use intricate or unique knots for special occasions, without having to provide multiple ties for each member of your team.

Since every department and uniform is different, we offer these self-tying police uniform ties in either black or navy. The ties are full-length and made from 100% polyester for durability and a professional appearance.

Clip-on Ties

We have an extensive selection of uniform clip-on ties, as well, available in varying lengths, colours, and styles. The uniform clip-on ties provide the same ease of use and professional appearance as the self-tying ones, yet they attach in a slightly different way.

Your team can always maintain their professional appearance with these clip-on ties as there is no need to worry about tying the perfect knot. Instead, your department can attach the tie in seconds and be ready to go.

Multiple Lengths

Our police uniform ties, including the uniform clip-on ties, come in multiple lengths to match different uniforms and preferences of your departments.

Consider a 16-inch tie for the standard length. If a longer tie would be better for your department’s uniform, we also have 21-inch ties, which are our extra-long models.

Men’s and Ladies’ Ties

Some departments prefer to have everyone wear the same uniform, while others prefer to have slight variations in the men’s and women’s uniforms. This allows for a better fit on all team members and is something we take into account with our police equipment supply. We offer both men’s and ladies’ clip-on ties, so you can choose the appropriate ones for your team.

Some teams will choose to stick to the men’s clip-on ties or the ties that are gender neutral. This provides simplicity in ordering as everyone will use the same tie. It also makes it easier to keep additional ties on reserve for new team members, since they will use the same type of tie regardless of gender.

Other departments prefer to use gendered police uniform ties to supplement the other subtle differences in men’s and women’s uniforms. This can help ensure that all members of your team are comfortable in their uniform clip-on ties.

Black or Navy

Our police uniform ties are available in either black or navy, allowing you to select the colour that works best for your uniform. Most uniforms from our police equipment supply will be in one of these two colours, so this allows you to match the tie with the rest of the uniform.

This colour coordination improves the professionalism your team will exude. It also helps with the cohesive appearance of the team as a whole.

Sturdy Construction

All of our ties, just like our other police equipment supply items, are made of sturdy materials and designed to last. We want you to be able to count on these ties lasting without damage. Your team should be able to focus on their tasks to serve and protect the community instead of worrying about whether their tie is ripped.

The sturdy construction of our ties typically comes down to strong metal clips that attach securely to your uniform shirt. This is combined with 100% polyester material, which is known for its longevity and ability to maintain its appearance over time.

70 Years of Experience

When you choose to buy your uniform clip-on ties from Stokes International, your department gets to take advantage of 70 years of experience, Stokes International began in 1949 and was founded by WWI veteran W.S. Bill Stokes. We continue the tradition of high service to customers as we understand the importance of top-notch police equipment supply.

Our decades of experience has allowed us to gain valuable insight into which materials and designs work best for police, firefighters, EMS, military, and other teams. We can maximize your team’s comfort while also prioritizing the functionality and appearance of the uniform.

Find Complementary Uniform Items As Well

In addition to uniform ties, we have hundreds of other 5.11 supplies and uniform items available at Stokes International. From pants, shirts, and boots to name bars, lapel pins, ID badges, and insignia, we are ready to supply everything that your departments need for their uniforms. The ability to order from a single reputable supplier saves you time and limits the number of orders you have to make.