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Police Equipment

Those in search of police equipment and police tactical gear Canada should look no further than Stokes International. With decades of experience, Stokes International is perfectly situated to provide your team with high-quality gear that allows you to work comfortably and efficiently while receiving the respect associated with a well-put-together, professional uniform.

The tactical gear available from Stokes International spans the full range of everything you will need. From 5.11 Hi-Vis clothing to comfortable work pants to sturdy boots, we have everything that you need.

Uniform Packages For Convenience

Over the years, our team at Stokes International has found that most police, fire, and EMS forces view time as a valuable commodity that should not be wasted. We decided to offer package deals for uniforms as a way to save your team that time. Instead of having to go through and find each individual item within a particular uniform, you can simply select one of our packages. This will ensure that you get every item on the list from boots to shirts.

Best of all, choosing to buy a package instead of purchasing the items individually will save you money. Some will be up-front savings, but most of the benefit comes from the money associated with the time you would have spent sorting through our vast selection of gear to find what works for your team. We have gathered the most popular items into one of three packages for your convenience. Purchasing packages saves you time so you can focus on more important day-to-day tasks instead of trying to find the right police equipment for your team.

We Allow Substitutions

At Stokes International, we always strive to accommodate our clients and appeal to your unique needs. That is why we gladly allow for substitutions within each of our uniform packages. In each case, you should be able to see which substitutions are most common in the product description. If you do not see the substitution that you need, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to suggest an alternative or process the order for you directly, complete with the requested substitutions.

Our EMS Uniform

One of the most popular packages for police tactical gear Canada is our EMS uniform package. As with our other package deals, this is designed to include all of the equipment that your team needs to create that professional, uniform image while retaining comfort. The package starts off with EMS pants that are unhemmed, making them easier to adjust to team members of all heights. It also includes an EMS style shirt so you do not have to purchase it separately. Since EMS teams work in all types of weather, the package features an EMS fleece jacket to keep your team warm. The final component is the classic S.W.A.T. CSA boots that are known for their durability and comfort, as well as all-season grip.

Our Men’s Uniform Package

For those teams that require something a bit different, we also offer a men’s uniform package. It is specifically designed for firefighters, but we can make adjustments for police tactical gear Canada and other types of service members.

The contents of this package are designed to ensure you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The basics begin with navy deluxe twill pants and a short sleeve uniform dress shirt in your choice of black, dark navy, or white. Although no fleece is included in this package, it does include the belt and the other gear you need to complete your professional appearance and ensure that the people your team encounters know that you are on their side. You will notice a uniform clip-on tie, a web belt, a belt buckle featuring the CAFC emblem, Firefighter Canada Flag slip-ons, and a tie bar.

If you need substitutions, contact us about changes like cargo pants, bigger sizes than those listed in the standard order form, rank slip-ons, or any other substitution needed.

Our Women’s Uniform Package

The women’s uniform package is our equivalent to the men’s package, but with clothing that are designed to fit women. The package is nearly identical, including navy deluxe twill pants for ladies, a women’s style uniform dress shirt with short sleeves in the same colour choices, a web belt, a belt buckle, a uniform clip-on tie, Firefighter Canada flag slip-ons, and a CAFC tie bar. We can make the same substitutions with this package as with the men’s uniform package.

High Quality And Top Service

Since our company was founded in 1949, we have prided ourselves on delivering the highest quality products available, whether for EMS, firefighters, police, military, or another team. When it comes to police tactical gear Canada, you can count on us to deliver high-quality items along with top-notch customer service. Feel free to contact us online or over the phone for questions about our police equipment or to order anything from 5.11 Hi-Vis clothing to a uniform package.