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Workrite Uniform

Workrite FR Uniform Clothing

If you work in a hazardous environment, your safety needs to be a priority. When you buy Workrite flame-resistant (FR) clothing, you are putting your safety first. Workrite has been providing FR clothing for decades and has long been a leader in the industry. The manufacturer uses high-quality fabrics and materials when constructing each piece of FR clothing, ensuring that you are safe, regardless of the type of work that you do. If you want complete protection on the job, look no further than Workrite FR clothing.

Understanding Arc And HRC Ratings 

Each piece of Workrite FR clothing is rated so you know what to choose based on your needs. When you browse through the clothing, you’ll see an HRC rating and an arc rating. Pay special attention to these ratings when picking out clothing. These ratings tell you everything that you need to know about this powerful FR clothing.

The arc rating is the flame resistance rating. This rating refers to the value of energy that is required to pass through the clothing’s fabric to cause a second- or third-degree burn, with a 50 percent probability of that burn occurring. The higher the arc rating, the more flame resistant the clothing is.

The HRC rating refers to the hazard/risk category. Each piece of clothing is assigned an HRC rating of 1-4. The higher the category, the greater the risk, so the stronger the clothing.

Get The Right Arc Rating For Your Needs

Your arc rating also corresponds to your HRC rating. If you have an HRC rating of 1, you need clothing with an arc rating of at least 4. For instance, the 4.5 oz. Nomex IIIA Long Sleeve Women’s Utility Shirt would be a good option since it has an arc rating of 4.4 and an HRC rating of 1. This clothing has basic FR qualities, but it won’t stand up in an extremely hazardous setting.

If you have an HRC rating of 2, you need clothing with an arc rating of at least 8. That’s easy with the 9.5 oz. UltraSoft Lab Coat. This knee-length lab coat has an arc rating of 12.4, meaning it is above the necessary standards. That way, you’ll feel safe and secure when you’re at your job.

You might have a high-risk job with an HRC rating of 3. If so, you’ll need two or three layers of clothing, and those clothes need to have an arc rating of at least 25.

Even when you add on layers, you might still be cold. If so, you can add the Nomex IIIA Knit Beanie. With an arc rating of 35.1, this beanie will keep you warm and safe.

If you have an HRC rating of 4, you won’t just need three or more layers. You’ll also need clothing with an arc rating of 40 or more, making the 11 oz. UltraSoft Duck Insulated Hood an excellent choice. Not only does it fit right over a standard hat and snap onto the collar of an existing field hat, it also has an arc rating of 47. That means you can add it to your layers without compromising your safety.

If you want to stay safe on the job, you need to add the right flame-resistant clothing to your closet. Clothing from Workrite has held up over the years, making it an excellent choice. Whether your job has an HRC rating of 1 or 4, this is clothing you can trust in. Once you put it on, you can stand up to the elements without fear. That makes it much easier to do your job.