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Cresting Embroidery Design Custom Uniform

Crests For Uniforms From Stokes International

At Stokes International, we gladly provide for all your uniform needs, including supplying the crests that set your team apart from others in similar clothing and ensure everyone has the recognition they deserve. We offer a wide range of custom embroidered patches that are perfect for a police uniform or other type of uniform, and they work in multiple circumstances. Like everything else from Stokes International, you can trust that the custom crests will last for years and years.

Flag Crests

One of the most popular types of custom crests available from Stokes International is the Canadian flag, which completes any police uniform. There are Canada flags available in four sizes: 1.5 x 3, 1.5 x 2.5, ¾ x 1.5, and 9/16 by 1 1/8 inches. Or you can opt for a crest with the flag sitting above the word “CANADA” and featuring a red border. The range of sizes ensures that we have choices for all firefighters, police officers, and other services, regardless of uniform style.

Crests To Directly Distinguish Rank And More

In our experience, some forces like adding custom embroidered patches with the specific rank or title of each team member to the uniforms. We offer crests with and without silver borders, as well as rectangular, rectangular with curved edges, curved overall, and half circles. These can display such titles as "Cadet", "Auxiliary", "Special Constable", "Security Guard", "Court Security", "Police", "Supervisor", "Investigator", "Security", "Pipes & Drums", and "Retired". Some of these title crests are even available in multiple sizes, allowing for customization. Variations of these are also available in high-visibility versions, including for EMS and paramedic teams, although we also have options for "Security","Deputy", "Chief", and "Police".

Another popular type of custom crests we offer for police uniforms are those designating years of service. These include those specific to EMS, those bearing the Maltese Cross in silver or gold and red, or just plain silver or gold, as well as bars in silver or gold. You can also find Caduceus crests in silver or gold and maple leaves.

Bullions, Chevrons, And More

Our custom embroidered patches also include bullions, chevrons, and more. Bullions include the classic chevron bullion for tunics, bullions with the crown in various sizes, maple leaves without stems, maple leaves with the logo for police uniforms, and cross rifles, many of which are available in either gold or silver. Or you can find the classic chevrons for various ranks with the wide V-shaped lines in gold or silver and with or without a crown on top. Between the varying colours, lines, and styles, there are options for all ranks, from Corporal and Sergeant to Staff Sergeant and Lance Corporal.

Because we know that some forces prefer to include custom embroidered patches or custom crests with crowns, rifles, and pistols, we also offer a variety of these. Crowns are available in gold or silver in multiple sizes. You can also get wheel wings, crossed revolvers, or crossed pistols in either colour and several sizes. We also offer a band crest for teams that require it. Or stick to custom crests for things such as the CAFC Department, DND, and first aid.

Custom Crests

Even with our expansive offerings in the form of crests, you may need something very specific; therefore, we also offer custom embroidered patches for fire or police uniforms or any other team that needs it. In most cases, we will need a minimum quantity, but we are happy to work with you, whether you have a specific design in place or just a general idea. Our team can suggest minor adjustments and will always send you a copy of the design for confirmation before production.

Take Advantage Of Decades Of Experience

Stokes International has been serving the fire, EMS, police, military, and more since 1949, giving us just shy of 70 years of experience in the industry. As such, you can expect all our uniforms, custom crests, and other items to be durable and meet your exacting specifications. While we are based in Canada, we supply organizations all around the world, who rely on us for our quality, turnaround times, customization abilities, and customer service.

We Have Everything You Need

We pride ourselves on offering all that you need for your uniforms at Stokes International, preventing the need to shop around or find multiple suppliers. Instead, simply order your uniforms from us, including outerwear and regalia. With custom crests, insignia, ID badges, and more, we can ensure your team has a uniform appearance that still recognizes the rank and achievement of each member.

When you order online, we even offer web quantity discounts for certain situations. These are a great opportunity for further savings on your crests and other items needed for your fire or police uniforms.