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High Visibility Crests

High-Visibility Crests At Stokes International

Including high-visibility crests as part of your team’s uniform is an important step. The right EMS and police hi-vis crests not only identify who are members of your department, but provide some element of visibility in low-light conditions. The right crests allow your team to interact with the public without concerns about others wondering which department they are with. The crests also make your team more approachable as there is no doubt that they are there to help the community.

At Stokes International, we have a wide selection of EMS hi-vis crests as well as those for other types of units. Our goal is to ensure that you are able to find every element you need for your official uniform, including high-visibility crests.

Choice Of Background Colours

There are two common colour schemes for police hi-vis crests, both of which are available with Stokes International. You can choose a vibrant yellow background with silver lettering, or you can opt for a black background with silver lettering. In either case, the silver contrasts perfectly with the background colour to allow a high level of visibility that your team needs.

Many departments prefer the black background since it appears more professional and complements the uniform. At the same time, the silver provides the required visibility. Other departments prefer the yellow background due to its exceptional visibility. The clean lines and quality construction mean that even the crests with the yellow background appear professional.

Choice Of Lettering

Because every department is different, our selection of EMS hi-vis crests from Stokes International includes a range of lettering options. The focus is on those for EMS, security, and police departments. Potential lettering includes “EMS,” “PARAMEDIC,” “EMR,” “POLICE,” “CHIEF,” and “SECURITY.” This range allows for all members of your team to have their own high-visibility crests with the appropriate wording in place to show their position in the department.

Choice Of Size

We also offer multiple sizes of hi-vis crests for your team depending on your needs. This allows your department to place the crest on the ideal portion of the uniform without worrying about fitting. Pay attention to the specific sizing of your chosen crest while ordering since there are some variations in measurements across size labels based on crest type.

Large crests are typically 4”x12” with a “SECURITY” crest available as 5”x12”. Small crests are 1.5”x5.25”with yellow backgrounds. Or they are 1.5”x4” or 1.5”x5” for black backgrounds. There is also a “SECURITY” crest that is labeled “smaller” and is 1”x4”.

High-Quality Construction

Depending on the patch you purchase, the material may vary slightly. The crests in yellow and silver are polyester Oxford patches. Those with black and silver are nylon twill patches. You will notice that all of the police and EMS hi-vis crests from Stokes International are made with 3M Scotchlite™. This further ensures the durability of the crests, so you never need to worry about experiencing unusual wear and tear that leads to an unprofessional appearance.

Work Well With Other Crests

In addition to the police hi-vis crests available from Stokes International, there is also a vast range of other crests available. These include bullions, chevrons, crowns, rifles, embroidered, shoulders, flags, title ranks, years, and custom crests.

The assortment of crests that we offer is one of the many reasons we chose to provide several sizes of high-visibility crests. This way, departments who do not plan on using other crests can opt for the larger hi-vis crests. Those who need space for several crests will be able to find a smaller hi-vis crest to complement the others.

Perfect For Stokes International Uniforms And Gear

Our selection of high-visibility crests works perfectly with all of the other gear and uniforms we have available. All of our products, from pants to shirts to caps to badges to crests, are made of high-quality materials. This results in a professional appearance and a high level of durability. Thanks to the reliability of Stokes International products, your team will not have to worry about whether their uniforms and accessories can keep up with their actions or impede movements. Instead, they can focus on doing their job and assisting the community.

Take Advantage Of Stokes International’s History

When you choose to buy your high-visibility crests from Stokes International, you get to take advantage of our 70 years of experience. Over that time, our company has worked hard to build a strong reputation for producing high-quality gear and delivering a high level of customer service.

We always strive to ensure that your department receives the uniforms and accessories you need, such as crests, and that you can find them without hassle. By offering a range of uniform gear and related items in a single place, we save you valuable time as there is no need to buy from multiple suppliers. Browse our police and EMS hi-vis crests to see which ones will be ideal for your department.