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Custom Shoulder Flashes Crest – CAFC Dept. Crest

Shoulder Flashes

At Stokes International, we always strive to offer every single item that your department needs as part of your uniform. These include pants, shirts, outerwear, caps, and shoulder flashes, among other items. Our Canadian shoulder flashes are of the same high quality as all of our other items on sale at Stokes International. They are also designed to work seamlessly with any uniform, including those that our company sells.

Your Choice of Style and Colour

Our selection of uniform shoulder flashes offers something for every department’s needs. We pride ourselves on providing you with a large selection of colours and styles. This allows for further personalization, so you can get custom shoulder flashes without having to pay high prices.

Shoulder flashes can range from the classic knot style to the boards with various symbols to denote rank. In the case of the shoulder knots for your shoulder flashes, you will have the choice of silver or gold. The shoulder boards include truly Canadian shoulder flashes thanks to the choices with the crest on it.

Use Shoulder Flashes For Identification

Many of our clients at Stokes International choose to use our uniform shoulder crests as a way to identify those who are part of their unit or department. By ensuring that every member of the team has the same custom shoulder flashes, anyone can do this at a glance.

That helps when working together with other departments from the surrounding areas as they can quickly determine who is there to help, even if they have not previously met individual members of the team. It is also helpful when interacting with the community as the people you interact with will have a clear method of quickly determining who is on your team and ready to assist them.

Use Shoulder Flashes To Denote Rank

It is also very common to use custom shoulder flashes as a way to distinguish between various ranks on your team. This can be done via slight variations in the shoulder flashes or even completely different uniform shoulder crests. For example, you could have most members of your team wear silver shoulder flashes, and those who are high-ranking could wear gold ones. Or you can reserve all types of shoulder flashes until the team member in question reaches a specific rank.

In the case of custom shoulder flashes with stars or other symbols incorporated, it becomes even easier to denote rank. You simply adjust the pattern or number of symbols on the shoulders depending on the rank.

The rank differentiation makes it easier for newcomers to your team to get a feel for which rank or role each member has. It also gives team members further inspiration, as it will serve as a visual reminder when they are promoted to a higher rank. Rank differentiation via Canadian shoulder flashes can even help those in the community you serve distinguish rank. This will let them know who to approach in a situation since they will be able to easily tell who is in charge.

Combine Shoulder Flashes With Our Other Uniform Elements

Uniform shoulder crests from Stokes International will seamlessly complement our other items. This means that you can place them on our range of uniform sweaters or our uniform shirts. You can also order all other elements of your uniform from us at Stokes International. From the badges to the belts, we have everything your team needs.

This ability to order the entire uniform and related accessories from the same location offers a great deal of convenience to your team. There is no need to waste time finding multiple suppliers or go through the order process with several uniform suppliers. Instead, you can get everything in a single, convenient transaction. This gives your team time to focus on your more important tasks, such as protecting the community.

Take Advantage Of Our 70 Years Of Experience

By buying your uniform shoulder crests from Stokes International, you get to take advantage of our 70 years of experience. Since 1949, we have been helping the police, military, fire, EMS, and other similar departments ensure they have the high quality uniforms and clothing they need. We offer the reliability and consistency that departments like yours need via our high-quality products. Over the years, we have built and maintained a strong relationship, creating a reputation for trust that we are proud of.

Our experience allows us to ensure that all of our Canadian shoulder flashes and other uniform items are of the highest quality. We know how to create uniforms and accessories that will last, even with the intense use that your department puts them through. Our experience has also guided our offerings, as we know exactly what teams like yours need and listen to your suggestions.

Go ahead and browse our custom shoulder crests available at Stokes International as well as our other uniform items, and then place your order to start experiencing our great customer service and high-quality items.