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Stokes Hot Deals

Tactical Gear

At Stokes International, you can find a vast assortment of tactical gear in Canada, all of which is made to be durable, lasting your team for years to come. All Stokes products are high-quality and reasonably priced given their construction, but we also strive to offer deals whenever possible. As such, our selection of hot deals rotates regularly, offering items like uniform jackets and other tactical gear.

Clothing on Sale

The biggest section of our hot deals is reserved for clothing of all types. Here, you can find uniform jackets, pants, and more. Since this is a sale section, the selection is always changing. You can typically find enough items in this part of our website to complete a full uniform, provided you are not picky about styles or sizes.

Expect to find several options for each general type of clothing, although this may not always be the case. The restriction for our clothing sale section will be the size and colour since this is where we usually put items when we only have a few left. In that case, some of the more popular sizes may be gone. Luckily, the sizes that we tend to have left vary greatly. Whether you need a small or large jacket, you should be able to find one.

In addition to a range of jackets for sale, you will find multiple styles of pants and even shorts, once again likely in limited sizes to choose from. You will notice that the pants are available for both women and men in our tactical 5.11 sale section. You may also spot items like boots and belts.

To make up for the limited sizes, some of the discounts in this section are truly incredible. Depending on the item, you may pay less than 15 percentof the original price. For your convenience, we list the sale price next to the original price with a line through it, so you can see your savings right away.

Uniform Package Deals

For those who need to purchase uniform jackets and other items, we also have a section dedicated to uniform package deals. There are package deals for women’s and men’s uniforms, as well as EMS uniforms.

The EMS Uniform Package includes a fleece jacket, pants, a shirt, and boots, with the ability to choose the size for each item. The Men’s or Women’s Package Deal includes pants, a short-sleeve dress shirt, a clip-on tie, a web belt, a belt buckle, a tie bar, and Canada flag slip-ons.

To ensure you get exactly what you need, we can also accommodate substitutions in the uniform packages, although these may come with a small upcharge depending on the substitutions.

Explore Our Clearance Section

If you are in search of the best possible price for your tactical gear in Canada, then consider browsing our clearance section. The selection of items here also varies. We will typically include items that clients love but we may have too many of or simply are not moving well enough. You can find things like hats, gloves, and a vast selection of pins.

We also regularly have clearance items that are not part of your uniform jackets or other uniform gear. For example, you might find a leather notebook holder or high-quality notebook refills. Those refills include 200 pages for writing, all numbered for convenience and including rulings for keywords, time, and day. They also offer sewn construction for added durability. Pay attention if you choose the notebook refills from our clearance section because we have specific versions for police or EMS/fire departments, each with their own logos.

Get Items We Will No Longer Sell

Our hot deals for tactical 5.11 items also include an “End of Line Sale” section. Here, the items are at the end of the line, and we will not be selling them again in the future. This is where you will find the items that we have already discontinued but happen to have a few units left of.

As expected, the End of Line Sale section is diverse and constantly rotating. You might find things like medals, whistles, chains, whistle lanyards, presentation cases, wristband supports, ribbon pins, and engraved service bars. As is true of all other merchandise for sale from Stokes International, these End of Line Sale items are high-quality. The difference is that you will get impressive savings that vary by item. You may end up paying less than 70 percent of an item’s original price, so this is a great place to find items that will not eat into your department’s budget.

Take Advantage of Our Long History

When you choose to buy tactical gear from Stokes International, you get to take advantage of our long history of providing 5.11 clothing, belts, badges, buckles, and other items to organizations around the world. Stokes International has been in business in 1949, and we pride ourselves on crafting high-quality uniforms.


The world is full of unknowns. We cannot possibly predict what is going to happen every minute of every day. But we can prepare for it. In the gear we carry. The clothes we wear. The mindset we hold. Whether we are on duty or off road. In country or out of cell range. The mindset is always the same...ALWAYS BE READY.