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Best Types Of Uniform Regalia
  • Buttons
  • Gloves
  • Pant Braids
  • Lanyards
  •  Ceremonial sashes
  • Citation cords
  • Ceremonial belts
  •  Buckles
  • Rank Braids
  •  Name tags
  •  Uniform hats
  • Badges



Visit our blog for Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Regalia. Ceremonial dress refers to the clothing that is worn for special occasions, such as coronations, graduations, parades, trials, and religious rites. In the hierarchy of dress codes, this is the most formal style of dress and offers almost no room for personal expression. You have to wear the clothing or regalia exactly as noted, without altering it in any way. Failure to do so could result in a reprimand or citation. 

Stokes International carries all of these options and more. Whether you need a simple button or a full dress uniform, we have you covered. Browse through our listings for ceremonial clothing options and pick the items that you need for your next special event. With items from us, you will look the part on the special day.

Look Professional With Ceremonial Uniform Braids

Ceremonial uniform braids are one of the most popular choices. These uniform braids come in various colors, but a gold braid for uniforms is the hottest choice. If you need a gold braid for your uniform, consider the 1 ½ inch Metallic Gold Uniform Braid. This uniform braid really sparkles when you put it on a uniform. Your ceremonial dress uniform will look amazing with this gold uniform braid.

We also have yellow uniform braids, as well as silver, red, and even checkered. This makes it easy to find the color or color combination that you need when you shop with Stokes International. Plus, our braids come in various sizes, ranging from 1 inch to 1 ¾ inches.

Look The Part With A Ceremonial Whistle

If you’re a commander, your ceremonial uniform might require a whistle. Consider the Who1 Metropolitan Whistle. This shiny silver whistle makes a bold statement during events. We also have whistle chains and lanyards, allowing you to complete the look. You can pick one of these ceremonial whistles as a gift for your commander. He or she will take great pride in one of these whistles.

Bold Citation Cords

Formal ceremonies often require citation cords. You might not have a spare set of citation cords in your closet, but Stokes International has gold and white citation cords to choose from so you don’t have anything to worry about during your big day. When you choose your citation cords, be sure to select the left side or the right side so they fit properly. Then, we will rush them out to you so they will be ready on the day of your ceremony. You can pop them on and walk into your ceremony with pride, knowing that you look your best.

Full Dress Uniforms

If you’re new to the job or have gone up or down a size, you might need to start from scratch with a new dress uniform. We have everything you need, from head to toe. We carry ceremonial pants, jackets, shirts, ties, and more. Browse through our selection to build your entire uniform. We have small and large sizes available, and uniforms available for both genders. We also customize certain selections so even if you have not been able to find your size at other retailers, we have you covered at Stokes International.

Ceremonial wear is incredibly important. From your regalia to your citation cords, you need everything to look perfect. You want to walk into that ceremony and have everyone admire your full dress uniform. Start by shopping at Stokes International. We have all of the ceremonial clothing and accessories you need to make an impact.