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Slip-Ons, Epaulettes and Shoulder Boards


Epaulettes are one of the many types of regalia members of the Mississauga Fire Department should have. These ornamental shoulder pieces are an excellent way of showing recognition for firefighters who have gone beyond or have served for a long time. At Stokes International, we gladly provide high-quality epaulettes that will stand the test of time and deliver the recognition your firefighters deserve. With these epaulettes, it is easy to recognize each member of the team in seconds, including their position within the ranks, avoiding confusion as well as awkward situations.

A Range Of Styles

Just like our selection of other gear for fire brigades and police forces, we offer a wide range of styles of epaulettes, braids, and shoulder boards at Stokes International. We have distinctive styles for CAFC fire, EMS, fire, police, and marine teams, as well as various epaulettes that show your support for a particular cause. For example, members of the Mississauga Fire Department will appreciate the embroidered slip-ons with the four gold bars and title of the rank, such as Fire Chief and Deputy Chief. You will additionally find shoulder knots in multiple colors, plain shoulder boards, and shoulder boards for specific police positions. Or consider the bullion slip-ons, also with specific versions for every member of your team.

Customization Options

Within every style of epaulettes we offer, you will discover a range of customization options. While the four-band style is very popular on the fire epaulettes, we also have styles with one, two, three, or five bands. Most bands are gold for this style, but silver is also available. The regalia is also customizable with the title of the team staff member and the choice to appear with or without a Canadian flag. In addition to all these customizations for the fire department epaulettes, they are also available in navy or black or even pink in certain cases.

Police epaulettes also allow for extensive customization with zero, one, two, or three maple leafs; the crown; and the Canadian flag. The maple leafs can be vertical or clustered in rows, or you can choose an epaulette with downward-carrots instead of maple leafs. The colour choices once again include black, navy, and pink. Some models even have a spot for the number. Expect a similarly impressive range of customization choices for every single style of regalia offered by Stokes International.

High-Quality Materials

At Stokes International, every single epaulette and other form of regalia are always made from the highest-quality materials, just like each of our other products. We rely on durable materials and pay close attention to detail. Whether the epaulettes are plain, woven, or embroidered, they will always last a long time, making them well worth their price.

Stokes International Has Decades of Experience

By choosing to buy your Mississauga Fire Department regalia from Stokes International, you are taking advantage of decades of experience manufacturing uniforms, epaulettes, and other uniform accessories. Stokes International has proudly been a Canadian company since we opened in 1949, and organizations around the world rely on us, demonstrating a high level of confidence in our products. We strive to maintain the same discipline and passion that our founder, W.S. Bill Stokes, displayed during World War I.

More Than Just Epaulettes

At Stokes International, we aim to make outfitting your fire, police, or EMS team simpler, which is why we offer all of the uniform items you will need in one place. In addition to the variety of epaulettes already mentioned, we can provide every other element of your uniform, including the pants, shirts, gloves, footwear, uniform ties, and even outerwear. We also offer belts and caps to complete the uniform.

When it comes time to recognize members of your team, we provide the badges, crests, name bars, pins, epaulettes, and regalia that join the regular uniform. We can also assist with other forms of recognition for your team that is not displayed on the uniform, such as awards, and provide decals for windows, vehicles, and more to ensure your unit is always recognized when they arrive on the scene.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

At Stokes International, we recognize the importance of your fire brigade or police department’s uniforms being in pristine condition. That is why we pride ourselves on customer service, ensuring that you are always completely satisfied with the quality of your purchases. Our team can also provide you with advice for caring for your items when necessary. We are easy to contact and can even offer Stokes Web Quantity Discounts if you order online, allowing your team to stay within budget.

Contact us or browse our selection of epaulettes online to better understand all the regalia Stokes International can offer your police or fire department.