Each Stokes badge is manufactured to the highest of standards and is Hand Made from Quality Copper and Brass Metal for superior Strength, Die Stamped Twice for a Sharp Clean Design, Hand Polished and Computer Engraved. Hand Painted using quality enamel paints. When ordering you must Specify Engraving for each line, Plating Gold (10 Karat) or Silver Rhodium and the Backing required Velcro for Wallet Badges, Screw Post and Pin Top for Cap Badges, Heavy Duty Straight Pin and Clasp for Breast Badges. Delivery is 5 to 7 weeks remember that quality of this high level takes time. Important Note when using the Stokes Customisation design feature colour options are used only to help show the engraving on the item(s). All engraving will be done in Arial Font in Black colour for the text.