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Choosing the Best Tactical Gear

Tasked with protecting the public; our law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals require nothing less than the most durable, quality tactical gear available. Frequently faced with extreme conditions and perilous circumstances, these forces require superior quality clothing that will enable them to perform their duties with maximum range of motion; while protecting them from the elements.  Tactical gear 5.11 offers quality and value for money, and is the brand of choice for many of today’s service men and women.  

 There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing tactical gear; the most important of which is quality. It may be tempting to go for bargain-priced or second hand gear, but when it comes at the risk of performance and safety, it is wiser to invest a little more into something that will last.  Good quality tactical gear will have been designed with versatility, durability and protection at its forefront.  Outerwear for example, will be designed to conceal equipment such as arms and tools; keeping even weight distribution and comfort in mind. Inferior quality equipment will do this badly, causing discomfort and inconvenience for the wearer. 

It is also important to consider the durability of the products in question. It is all very well splashing out on fancy ‘designer’ gear, but if it doesn’t last beyond the first mission or rescue operation, it is money down the drain. It is therefore essential that tactical gear is made as sturdy and durable as possible. Whether training in the army or conducting a high-risk stakeout; our law enforcement professionals have no time to waste continually upgrading their tactical gear, and need to rest assured that like them, it will stay the course. 

Choosing the right tactical gear is a fundamental part of all military, fire rescue and police department’s operations. It is therefore vitally important that is purchased from a reputable, trustworthy brand.  With almost 60 years of experience providing gear to the police and fire departments, Stokes tactical gear 5.11 is designed to last. Made for the forces to the simply adventurous at heart, this gear has been designed with the strongest materials to withstand the elements and maintain the wearer’s protection. Uniforms, helmets, footwear and fire decals are just some of the products you can find on the Stokes International website, a trusted and quality brand use by many of Canada’s finest. For more information visit our 5.11 tactical clothing and supply section.