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Welcome To Stokes International.  Your one stop online shopping source for police gear, fire department supplies, 5.11 clothing, customizable badges, belts, buckles, cresting, regalia and more.

Stokes International is happy to offer one-stop shopping for police, EMS, and firefighter uniforms. Whether your department needs 5.11 clothing or accessories like uniform ID badges, you can find these on our website. We gladly offer customization on items like badges, along with everything your team needs, in a single location.

We pride ourselves on offering everything your team needs to complete a full day of work, whether you are saving lives by responding to medical emergencies, legal situations, or fires. You can find all of the required tactical gear as well as uniform regalia in one spot.

All Products Are of the Highest Quality

Every single item we sell at Stokes International is of the highest quality so that you can count on it to last through your tough days for a long time. You work hard to keep your community safe, so we do not want you to have to worry about your uniform holding up to arduous demands of your job. By offering quality uniforms and accessories you can count on, we give you one less thing to worry about so that you can focus on your duties.

Start With the Uniform Basics

Our selection of police, EMS, and firefighter uniforms begins with the basics. Stokes International offers all the clothing items you need, from shoes to the outerwear like fleeces and high-vis jackets. Even jackets with multiple configurations are available. You will also find a full selection of pants, shirts, and sweaters to ensure you have the basic items of your uniform covered.

The vests and workrite gear from Stokes International provide the visibility you and your team need in tough situations, keeping everyone safe. There are also workrite clothing basics, like shirts and pants, designed for tough wear and reliability. Our 5.11 clothing options go great with clothing accessories like ties and gloves, allowing your team to look your best and stay warm year-round.

Do not forget to explore our uniform caps and belts. Find a range of belts for daily wear with buckles that deliver a professional appearance. Options include web and leather belts, among others. The uniform caps come in various colours, with available rank indicators for easy identification. You can even supplement the uniform caps with rain caps so that the hats do not get damaged from inclement weather.

Supplement It With Uniform Accessories to Identify Your Team

Many of our uniform accessories at Stokes International focus on identification of your team. We offer uniform name badges in multiple styles, including for caps and shirts. Supplement those badges with badge bands or wallets so that they never get lost. The metal uniform ID badges come in different styles so you can designate rank, and we can engrave them for you. There are also plastic and metal name bars if you prefer to stay away from the badges. These can feature the Maltese cross, the Canadian flag, or be embroidered, among many other options.

Our uniform caps’ accessories can serve a similar purpose. We offer a range of buttons and cap straps to choose from, depending on rank and preference. Uniform lapel pins can also be a nice touch, with dozens of choices for police, fire, paramedic, correctional, provincial, and volunteer teams. Browse Stokes International’s selection of uniform lapel pins for tie bars or years as well, or consider one that we can engrave for you.

Our range of uniform crests also helps with identification of your team, whether or not you are in the field. Our crests for uniforms include bullion, chevrons, crowns, rifles, flags, high-vis, years, titles, ranks, and custom options. We also offer embroidered crests for uniforms for the ultimate customization for your team. You will find a similar range of decals, including helmets, magnetics, windows, and customizable ones. These can easily supplement the uniform itself, the squad vehicle, or other items.

Our shoulder boards, epaulets, and slip-ons also prove useful when it comes to team identification and honouring of ranks. Choose from boards, bullion, or braids. Alternatively, browse the category dedicated to your particular type of service, such as police, marine, fire, EMS, and CAFC.

Get Uniform Items for Special Occasions As Well

At Stokes International, we appreciate the hard work you do and want you to have a nice uniform for special occasions like awards and other honours. That is why we offer a selection of tunic jackets and trousers, ideal for dress uniforms. You can choose from various styles and colours to meet the demands of your department. We also have ceremonial belts to compliment these dress uniforms perfectly.

No ceremonial uniform is complete with uniform regalia, which we also proudly offer at Stokes International. Between the pant braids, citation cords, buttons, lanyards, and rank braids, you will be able to find the uniform regalia your team requires. Each category has multiple options, with 10 options for pant braids alone and over two dozen choices for tunic buttons.

More Than Just Uniforms and Accessories

At Stokes International, we understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer a range of items in one convenient spot. In addition to all of the above police, EMS, and firefighter uniforms and accessories, we also have related items available.

The next time you need to honour someone on your team, browse our selection of firefighter awards. Our Stokes International team can engrave a purely decorative award, like axes, honour guard, plaques, acrylic awards, statues, and trumpets. Alternatively, let us help you honour your team with personalized award watches that can be worn regularly.

Count on Our Long History

Just as we depend on your team to protect our communities, we want you to be able to count on us at Stokes International to provide you with all of your uniform needs. We have been providing high-quality uniforms and accessories since 1949, with our founder having served in WW1.

Whether you require basic 5.11 clothing or specific police, EMS, and firefighter uniforms, our Stokes International team can assist you. We encourage you to browse our offerings or contact us so you can enjoy quality uniform items that you and your team can depend on.

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