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Custom Firefighter Quick Ship Badges – Emergency Service Badges

Custom Badges From Stokes International

At Stokes International, we pride ourselves on offering everything you need for your uniforms, from the clothing to the small details like custom firefighter badges. Badges are an important part of your uniform. They let the community that you serve easily identify members of your team. This helps ensure that they listen to your team’s directions in an emergency, improving the safety of everyone involved.

Police cap badges not only identify your team to the community at a glance. They also let anyone easily identify the various ranks on your team. This is useful for community members looking for who is in charge. It is also helpful to new team members, as it reduces the learning curve when getting to know everyone on the team.

Since we understand the importance of your emergency service badges, we offer a selection of high-quality badges that will clearly identify your team and are designed to last.

Various Colours and Styles to Choose From

Our badges feature a range of styles. Each style clearly conveys the importance of your team’s role in the community.

Our emergency service badges, for example, are silver and bear the words “Emergency Medical Services” along with the medical serpent symbol. Our officer and firefighter CAFC badges feature the words “Fire Department Service D’Incendie” and the Canadian flag, as well as silver or gold and other stylistic elements. You can also opt for our custom firefighter badges with a helmet, trumpet, and ax, or anywhere from one to five axes, all on gold backgrounds.

Your Choice of Backing

Because every department is different and has its own preferences, we offer a range of backings on our custom badges. This lets you choose the method that works best for your department and for the part of the uniform that you plan on having your team attach it to.

One of the most popular backings is the screw post with a pin top, which allows for secure attachment and is ideal for using on a cap. The straight pin with clasp backing is also popular, especially for breast badges on a jacket. We also have the option of Velcro backing for your team to attach to their wallets with ease.

Some of our badges offer multiple backing options, such as the CAFC firefighter badges. We also have badges specifically designed for a particular purpose. For example, our Emergency Medical Services badges are designed to fit in your team’s wallet, so they have Velcro backings. Our Trumpet Gold Cap Badges attach securely to your team’s caps, so they have a screw post and pin top backing.

Variations for Rank

As you explore our badges, you will notice that most of the styles have variations that allow you to distinguish rank. For example, our CAFC badges include a gold color for offices or a silver color for custom firefighter badges. Or our firefighter cap badges can include anywhere from one to five trumpets.

This allows you to make distinctions based on rank while still having everyone wear nearly identical badges. As a result, your team has a uniform presence, feeling and looking more united, yet officers and those of higher rankingget the distinction they deserve.

All Badges Are of the Highest Quality

As with everything else we sell at Stokes International, all of our police cap badges are of the highest quality. We understand that your team has an important job, and we want them to be able to focus on it instead of worrying if the details of their uniform are in place. That is why our badges are designed to withstand daily wear and tear and remain securely fastened.

Consider Our Other Badges As Well

In addition to these custom firefighter badges, we also have a range of other badges available for your team when you need them. We have acrylic award badges, those with bands for easy wearing, and those that fit in or come with wallets. We also have a full selection of metal ID badges in a range of shapes, complete with the option to be engraved with badge numbers, names, and titles.

Find All Your Supplies, Equipment, and Apparel at Stokes International

When you buy your emergency services badges from Stokes International, you can save time by purchasing everything else you need for your team, including work apparel, 5.11 supplies, and insignia.

You can count on Stokes International to only provide high-quality items, as we have been serving the Canadian military, police, fire, and EMS professionals since 1949. Our founder had a military background, and we have maintained his strong values throughout our company’s more than 70-year history.

By offering a range of items for your department, we let you save time. Use that saved time to focus on your department’s most important tasks and to continue to serve your community.