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Stokes Belts Uniform

Belts from Stokes International

At Stokes International, we strive to provide you with all your uniform needs, including the accessories. That is why we offer a range of tactical belt options plus uniform belt buckles and related items. Our belts are made to meet our high standards of quality control and to work seamlessly with our uniform clothing or the items your team already uses.

Ceremonial Belts and Buckles

In addition to uniforms your team can wear while serving the community, we also have ceremonial uniforms and accessories for those times when everything has to be just right. You will find multiple ceremonial police uniform belt options in our lineup, including solid colours, such as royal blue, black, red, and white. There are also more eye-catching ceremonial belts in our selection, such as with a silver braid, a gold braid, or a gold or silver braid and edging. These belts come in a range of sizes and have plenty of Velcro on either end to allow for the perfect fit.

To supplement these belts, we also offer ceremonial uniform belt buckles in many styles. Teams who prefer a simpler appearance can stick to a silver or gold curved buckle or a tunic buckle, the latter of which is available in gold, silver, or black. We also offer dress buckles in silver or gold. If you wish, you can also add an emblem pin to these buckles to customize them for your department, whether you are a firefighter, are a member of the police department, or serve in a different role.

We also have belt buckles that can be a "show off" for the department that your team works for, including a Curved Ceremonial Buckle. Those who need a buckle for their police uniform belt can order our police service buckle in silver or gold, complete with detailing.

Web Belts and Buckles

For those who need a tactical belt, we also have a range of web uniform belts. You can opt for a web belt that features a silver or a gold tip, and there is also the option of an extra-long belt. The regular belt is 48 inches, and the extra-long one can be between 56 and 60 inches.

To go with the belt, we offer several different web belt buckles, each available in either silver or gold. You can opt for a solid version without any decision, one with the CAFC crest, or one with the Maltese cross and a customized engraving of your choice. In the case of the belt buckles without a crest or Maltese cross, you can also attach an emblem pin to the center for a different type of decoration. We will attach the pin for you; simply let us know when you place your order.

Leather Belts

Our tactical belt options also extend to high-quality leather belts. You can choose a black leather belt that already includes a buckle with or without a cover. We also have leather belts specifically designed to carry flags in parades. The buckles on these belts are the standard size and made from chrome metal. As always, you can choose the size of your belt, with an option for those of all sizes. The parade flag carrying belt is completely adjustable and already includes the buckle. It is offered in brown, black, or white leather, and you can opt for silver or gold buckles. There is also the choice of either right- or left-side buckles to accommodate everyone on your force.

Familiar High Quality

All of the belt buckles from Stokes International are made with the same attention to detail, artisanship, and care of our badges, allowing them to be the ideal complement for your uniform. Every single product you buy from us at Stokes International will be designed to withstand the rigors of your job and maintain a professional appearance while doing so.

Honouring Our History

Stokes International bears the name of W.S. Bill Stokes, a World War I veteran, who has had many family members continue to work in the company. Stokes was founded in 1949, proudly serving police, military, fire, and other departments. In addition to belts and belt buckles, we offer a full range of uniform items to meet your uniform needs. This includes outerwear, clothing, badges, insignia, decals, crests, lapel pins, ID badges, and name bars.

Convenience from a Vast Selection

Our selection of 5.11 clothing, uniform items, and accessories makes it possible for military, fire, and police departments to save time and money by ordering all of the necessary items from a single company. We have everything you need to complete a professional uniform, whether to use in the field or for parades and special occasions. We also pride ourselves on maintaining our history of excellence and customer care, so you can count on a great experience when working with Stokes International.