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Stokes Uniform Caps


Stokes International has been proudly providing uniforms and accessories for police and other forces. This includes a wide selection of caps, including uniform caps that work flawlessly with other elements. There are options such as Canadian police uniform hats and choices that will keep your team warm during the winter months. Explore our selection, which features the same high-quality materials and construction as you will find on all other Stokes International products.

Uniform Caps for All Ranks

The selection of uniform caps from Stokes International includes options for every rank, some with more than one available style. Most of the hats are available in either black or dark navy blue. Offerings include specific caps for fire chiefs, deputy chiefs, chiefs, superintendents, inspectors, police constables, auxiliary constables, assistant deputy chiefs, fire officers, and firefighter EMS teams. There are also caps for other roles, such as a general white uniform cap, a security guard cap, and a chauffeur cap.

In addition to the options for various specific ranks, some of those ranks have multiple styles available. Most of the ranked uniform caps feature an appropriate emblem as well as edging of either gold or oak leaves. Depending on the rank and hat in question, there may be two rows of oak leaves. Some caps feature red or gold bands between the main portion and the bill, while others keep it black or the same color as the cap itself. For some styles of caps, you can choose the colour of the band, with the choice of black, blue navy, and red as the standard options. Those who want an extra touch on their Canadian police uniform hats can also opt for a black maple leaf band, a red maple leaf band, or a red oak leaf band.

Cap Covers

To protect your cap and maintain its longevity regardless of weather conditions or storage, we at Stokes International also offer several types of cap covers for our Canadian police uniform hats. A clear rain cap cover is ideal for situations when the cap should still remain visible but needs protection. We also have a rain cap cover in dark navy or blue and a reversible black-and-orange rain cap. The rain caps are one size fits all and seamlessly fit over the top portion of your cap to maintain the uniform appearance without having to worry about water damage to the cap.

Customization for Caps

As is the case with other items from Stokes International, our uniform caps are available in multiple sizes and colours. The range of cap sizes allows you to ensure that every member of your team has a cap that fits them perfectly, creating that professional appearance. For certain caps, you also have the choice of which buttons to include, such as fire CAFC gold buttons, EMS gold buttons, police gold buttons, and plain gold buttons.

We Offer Winter Hats as Well

As a Canadian company, we at Stokes International understand that comfort is important for your team all year round, including during the coldest months of the year, which is why we also have winter uniform hats. For the warmest option that mimics the traditions of the past, consider one of our fur Yukon hats. These include muskrat fur hats with wool, leather, or nylon tops and mouton fur hats with nylon tops. Alternatively, you can opt for a Yukon hat with imitation black fur.

The Yukon hats with real or imitation fur are available in the same vast selection of sizes as our other uniform caps as well as your choice of colour. Options include black, brown, and dark navy blue, depending on the specific model. The hats also feature string ear flap tops.

Those forces looking for a more affordable option for winter uniform hats that still maintain a uniform appearance will appreciate our winter toques as well. These are one-size-fits-all hats with stretchy material and excellent shape retention, including a three-inch folding cuff. They are available in black or dark navy.

Complete Your Cap with Accessories

Since your uniform caps do not exist in a vacuum, we also offer a range of cap accessories that work for everything from winter uniform hats to Canadian police uniform hats. You can add a CAFC cap button in silver or gold or a police button in gold. Those who have difficulty finding the proper size for their cap will appreciate our expansion cap straps in gold and silver.

We also offer a wide range of cap straps, including in double gold, gold regal, double silver cello, silver regal, metallic double gold, twisted cord straps, and Jugulaire deluxe gold straps. For special situations, we also have five cap straps with a striped pattern, including metallic gold with red or blue, metallic silver with blue, and black with red or white for mourning.

Explore our selection of uniform caps from Stokes International to complete your team’s uniform.


Note: Specify size and cloth colour when ordering.

Cap Badge sold separately.