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Best Tactical Boots from Stokes International

As you work to plan your team’s uniform, be sure not to ignore the importance of choosing the best tactical boots. Stokes International offers a range of 5.11 boots Canada that firefighters, police, EMS teams can rely on.

Our Toronto tactical boots provide durability, comfort, and grip, complementing the official appearance of your team’s uniform.

Original SWAT Boots

Among the various tactical boots available from Stokes International, you will find a range of Original SWAT boots. These Original SWAT products provide the proven durability and an inspection-ready appearance.

One of the most popular SWAT boots from Stokes International is the 9” Safety CSA Boots with several variations, which appeal to teams who use CSA-rated equipment. These boots are waterproof and resistant to blood-borne pathogens. The zipper makes it easy to get the boots on and off while the hook and loop closure ensures a proper fit. The boots have large composite safety toes and feature electric shock resistance certified to the CSA Omega rating standard. These Original SWAT boots even have a moisture-wicking lining and custom-molded EVA midsoles.

As a variation, the SWAT Metro Air 9” Boots have a waterproof upper, lightweight custom-molded midsole, and “air” technology. That air technology enhances the original boots with increased cushioning and comfort, perfect for long shifts. There is also a side zipper to make it easy to put the boots on and take them off.

As an alternative for departments that prefer shorter boots, you can also find Toronto tactical boots that are SWAT Classics and six inches tall. They have a very similar design to the other SWAT Boots, including the waterproof design, slip resistance, moisture-wicking, and other features.

There is also a variation of the SWAT in the form of the SWAT Metro Air 5 WP Side-Zip. These boots combine the features of the SWAT Metro Air with the shorter 5-inch height, giving your team comfort on their feet as well as the durability, slip-resistance, and protection of the Original SWAT boots.

Dress Shoes Available As Well

Stokes International not only offers the best tactical boots, but we also offer dress shoes from brands you trust, such as the Original SWAT Dress Oxfords. These are the ideal option for your dress uniform as they provide comfort and protection while delivering a fancier appearance.

The dress shoes have Ortholite insoles for comfort, board-lasted construction, and a non-metallic shank to help with support and fatigue control without setting off metal detectors.

Tactical Socks As Well

At Stokes International, we pride ourselves on offering everything your team needs for their uniform, which includes 5.11 Taclite 9” Socks. These socks are specifically designed to provide comfort. They have enhanced elasticity and multiple compression zones to provide support. They also feature a shock mitigation system, which uses kinetic absorption to improve control, speed, and stamina. The socks are also moisture-wicking for comfort.

Size for the Entire Department

In addition to offering a wide range of sizes for 5.11 boots Canada that teams need, Stokes International also offers a full range of sizes. Many of the boots are available in either regular or wide sizes. They also span the full range of sizes, with many featuring anywhere from 5 to 15, with half sizes also available. Some are even available in smaller sizes.

This vast range of sizes makes it simple to outfit your entire team in the same Toronto tactical boots, ensuring the uniform appearance that you want.

Long-lasting and Protective Boots

All of the 5.11 Canada boots from Stokes International are designed to be long-lasting and to provide protection for their wearer. You will find features such as waterproofing, shock resistance, and resistance to blood-borne pathogens. This combination helps keep your team safe in all conditions, allowing them to complete their tasks.

The Original SWAT boots also feature L-Protection anti-penetration boards to prevent puncture damage. Most of the boots are also resistant to oils and slips, ensuring every member of your department always maintains a sturdy grip on the ground.

Complement the Boots With Other Uniform Items

Stokes International also provides all of the other uniform components you need to complement the tactical boots Toronto teams appreciate. The various Canada 5.11 boots work perfectly with our range of other 5.11 gear, including apparel, accessories, and insignia.

Take Advantage of 70 Years of Experience

Choosing to buy tactical boots from Stokes International gives you access to our company’s 70 years of experience. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for providing quality apparel, supplies, and insignia for military, fire, police, and EMS teams. Our company was founded by a veteran who knew what to look for in 5.11 gear, and the dedication to selling the best tactical boots has continued over the years. As such, you can expect all of our boots and other items to be of the highest quality and designed to meet the needs of your team.